The Ultimate Resource for Your Succulent Wedding

Succulents are a popular option for weddings, and it's no surprise! They are beautiful, easy to use and last a long time. This post will help you learn how to use succulents for your wedding.

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One of the great things about succulents is they can survive without water longer than most flowers. This is true of rooted and cut succulents, which means they are a great option to use in your wedding florals!

That’s just one reason they are great though. Succulents are also making a statement these days with their sturdy leaves, bright colors and unique textures and shapes. They just look different than other flowers.

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Succulents have a very modern look and feel and they’re a bit non-traditional. While they have a rosette shape like more common wedding flowers such as roses or peonies, succulents definitely stand out and enhance any arrangement they are in.

This post will provide inspiration for how to use succulents for your wedding, as well as provide tutorials and instructions for how to incorporate these amazing plants into your big day.

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Where to Use Succulents

Succulents can make an appearance anywhere you plan to use flowers for your wedding. This includes, but is certainly not limited to:

There’s certainly a lot to consider, and succulents will be a great addition to any area. Depending on where you want to use succulents you’ll need a variety of different sizes. If you want to do some shopping, check out my post on where to purchase succulents for your wedding to get a great list of resources.

Succulent Bouquet

A bridal bouquet filled with succulents is bound to draw some attention. In fact, this is one of the things that first got me hooked on succulents! You can use succulents as an accent or use them for the whole thing!

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For a full tutorial on how to create a succulent bouquet yourself, grab a copy of my book, Idiot’s Guides: Succulents. This bouquet is completely made with succulents.

You can purchase great cuttings to use for a bouquet from The Succulent Source.

While using exclusively succulents for a bouquet is fun and looks amazing, most brides (and florists) find they like the combination of succulents and other flowers.

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Most succulents are quite rigid so it takes some finessing to get them to fit together just right. Using other flowers or greenery will allow you to fill in the spaces between the succulents for a softer and more filled-in bouquet.

While you can hire a regular florist to create a bouquet with succulents, there are also some amazing succulent florists online who can create a succulent masterpiece for you.

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Image from: Wedding Chicks

The Succulent Source provides a few different options for succulent bouquets. You can get one for the bride and smaller ones for bridesmaids or mothers.

There are also several vendors on Etsy who create beautiful bouquets.

Make sure you order several months in advance to ensure the artist has openings and can ensure your bouquet is delivered in time for your special day.

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My favorite thing about using succulents in a wedding bouquet is you can save the succulents and plant them! You get to have a beautiful garden and memory of your special day that will grow for years to come. Click here to learn how to save and plant the succulents from your bouquet.

Succulent Boutonnieres

If you’re going to DIY something with succulents for your wedding, boutonnieres are a great option. They are easy to make even if you haven’t done anything like it before.

groom boutonniere succulent wedding blue succulent air plant skeleton leavesPin

You can see a full written tutorial plus a video tutorial for how to make them by clicking here. I also have a tutorial in my book, Idiot’s Guides: Succulents.

The awesome thing about boutonnieres is you can easily make them all a little different! Since men aren’t always keen on matching, this is a fun way to change things up a bit.

pink orange green succulent boutonniere diyPin

Succulent cuttings from The Succulent Source are going to be a great option for boutonnieres too.

For my sister-in-law’s wedding we ordered all the boutonnieres and corsages from Eucca on Etsy. They were absolutely amazing! I was extremely impressed with the quality, and everything arrived in plenty of time for the wedding.

blue echeveria pink tips boutonniere purple white accentsPin

Even though we got them a few days before, they still looked great on the big day! That’s the beauty of using succulents!

There are lots of vendors on Etsy who make succulent boutonnieresThe Succulent Source also sells them through their site.

Succulent Corsages

The women also need some succulents for the wedding! There are a lot of different ways you can do the corsage, so have some fun with it!

One of my favorite ways is to create a succulent cuff. Rather than create the wristlet with wire or ribbon, simply glue succulents onto a decorative cuff. This is a really simple approach and very quick and easy to do.

Here are a few from The Succulent Source:

wedding bracelet corsage made with succulentsPin
Image Source: The Succulent Source
wedding bracelet bridesmaids corsage succulents red pink green flowersPin
Image Source: The Succulent Source

Of course, you can always buy them ready to go too! The Succulent Source creates them as well as several vendors on Etsy. You can really go wild with these!

A more traditional corsage is also a great approach and there are plenty of options to be had, too. We ordered corsages from Eucca for my sister-in-law’s wedding and, just like the boutonnieres, they were amazing!

tie-on succulen corsage wedding bridesmaids flowers succulents purple green bluePin

We got a few that were a wire bracelet, and the rest tied on with ribbon. While I liked the look of the ribbons with the corsage, the wedding party definitely preferred the bracelet option as they were easier to put on and didn’t slip or need to be adjusted.

wrist corsage wedding succulents purple greenPin

A traditional succulent corsage like this is a little bit trickier to DIY than a boutonniere, but still a pretty simple project. You’ll follow the same approach in creating the wire stem for the succulents, but wrap the wires together and form a circle, rather than bunching them all together.

And of course, the succulent cuttings from The Succulent Source are great options if you want to take the DIY approach.

Make sure to let your bridesmaids know they can take their corsage apart and plant the succulents when the wedding is over, just like with the bouquet. Click here to learn how.

Succulent Hair Pieces

A really unique way to use succulents for bridesmaids or even the bride, is by doing succulent hair pieces. Succulent artists make some really amazing combs and crowns.

floral crown succulents purple green pink handmadePin
Image Source: Eucca on Etsy

If you are taking the DIY approach, it’s easy enough to glue succulents to a hair comb, similar to what I did with my succulent hat.

succulent comb wedding hair piecePin
Image Source: Eucca on Etsy

Or, you could use the same creation process as a boutonniere or corsage but make the whole thing longer and form it into a crown.

head crown bridesmaids succulents purple pink weddingPin
Image Source: Dalla Vita

Succulent Wedding Centerpieces

There are so many creative ideas for incorporating succulents into your wedding centerpieces. And, as always, you can keep the succulents when you’re done to have a reminder of this special day!

A more formal approach to centerpieces is to use a potted arrangement. Simply plant succulents in pots that coordinate with the wedding colors, and voila!

This is what we did for my sister-in-law, using terracotta pots to keep things more natural and less formal. They really helped tie all the tables together and we had lots of comments from guests about how pretty they were!

terra cotta pots white linens succulent table centerpiece decoration weddingPin

I also love the look of these wine bottle planters from Looking Sharp Cactus. You can buy a DIY kit or just the planter (and use plants you already have).

If the wedding theme is a little more organic, you can simply set succulents on the table with rocks, logs, crystals, candles, or whatever else you come up with! The Idiot’s Guides: Succulents has a tutorial on how to set this up, and you can find some other inspiration below.

purple succulents wedding table centerpiece orchidsPin
Image Source: Martha Steward Weddings

Naturally you’ll want centerpieces for each of the tables where people will be sitting, but don’t forget to use succulents for the guest book table too! You may even want a small arrangement or two on the food table.

sign in table succulent centerpiece wedding air plantPin

A great thing about succulent centerpieces is they can easily be given to parents, bridesmaids, or even your wedding planner as a thank you gift after the wedding. It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone while still giving a meaningful gift to those who helped with the occasion.

For my sister-in-law’s wedding, I made all the centerpieces beforehand using a wholesale flat of succulents from Mountain Crest Gardens. For instructions on planting succulents click here. Or click here for tips on how to design the perfect arrangement.

terra cotta pots white linens succulent table centerpiece decoration weddingPin

You can also purchase completed arrangements too. There are several Etsy sellers with beautiful options including Succulent WonderlandSucculent Salon, and Succulent Art Works.

Succulent Wedding Favors

Clearly I’m a fan of using succulents however you can for your wedding. But, if you really want to show your guests how much you love them, you’ll definitely want to give succulent wedding favors.

let love grow succulent favor ideaPin
Borden Specifics

A lot of wedding favors have meaning for the bride and groom, but they go unused by the guests. Or, they are just little trinkets that are thrown away or forgotten after the big day.

This is not the case with succulent wedding favors! These adorable little plants will be a source of conversation for your guests and will definitely make people happy and excited to take them home.

red succulent small terra cotta pot wedding favor giftPin

You can do these as simple or complicated as you want, but they’ll be loved either way.

The simplest approach would be to simply tie a ribbon or piece of paper around the nursery pot the succulents come in.

succulent favors wrapped with burlap stringPin
Rebecca Douglas Photography

Or, you can repot them in a terracotta pottin pail or glass votive. The terracotta pots are my recommendation as this is a better long term home for the succulents.

sempervivum succulents purple terra cotta pots centerpiece wedding favors giftsPin

We also included printed care cards for each guest so they would know how to keep their new addition alive.

My two favorite places to purchase succulents and pots for wedding favors are Mountain Crest Gardens and The Succulent Source. Both offer different color options and a few choices for potspails or votives.

Mountain Crest Gardens was kind enough to provide the succulents and terracotta pots for my sister-in-law’s wedding and they turned out great!

If you go this route, you will need to repot each of the plants into the fancier pot or pail you purchased. While not difficult, this is a time consuming process. We did 200 favors for the wedding. A friend and I sat together for 3 hours and got them all put together.

You will likely want to have some extra succulent soil on hand, as not all of the pots were completely filled with soil (very normal). You may also consider adding a top dressing to hide the soil too.

wedding gift guest favors succulents terra cotta potsPin

I’d recommend putting these together the week of the wedding. While you can get them further in advance, you’ll need to care for the succulents, make sure they get enough light, and ensure no one runs off with any before the big day 🙂

A week is enough time to get them done, but doesn’t require you to dedicate an area of your home to care for them for weeks until the wedding.

You can easily dress up the pots with a ribbonpaint, or other decor of your choice. This will take more time together, but it’s a great way to incorporate the wedding theme.

Check out this post for more tutorials and ideas for succulent wedding favors.

Succulent Wedding Cake Topper

You can really go crazy with succulents on your wedding cake. The wedding cake is often a huge highlight at the wedding so it only makes sense that you’d use succulents on the cake.

blue green succulent peony millet wedding cakePin
Image Source: Wedding Colors

While real succulents are super fun, you can also have sugar succulents made! My friend Cassidy Harrison of Flour and Flourish creates amazing sugar flowers for wedding cakes and has done a few succulents.

sugar succulents fondant billy balls yellow blue purplePin

My sister-in-law opted for a very simple cake and we did just a couple of succulents with it. I still love how it turned out!

green purple succulent fondant sugar flowerPin

There’s a lot of really amazing succulent wedding cakes out there though, so let your imagination run wild!

You’ve likely guessed by now, but the cuttings from The Succulent Source are perfect for cake toppers.

naked wedding cake succulents greeneryPin
Image Source: Jenny Cookies

The succulents on the wedding cake can also be planted after they are removed to keep the memory of the wedding alive.

naked wedding cake succulent topper purple echeveria perle von nurnberg sedum aeoniumPin

Get Creative!

This post barely scratches the surface of possibilities for using succulents for your wedding. You can check out our Succulent Wedding Pinterest Board for even more inspiration and ideas.

succulents planted ballet shoes purple memorabiliaPin
Image Source: Sean Deckert

We love these toe shoes planted with succulents that our friends at Mountain Crest Gardens put together for a family wedding. Such a beautiful way to honor the bride and her talents.

Just let your imagination run wild! These plants are so amazing and can last well beyond your wedding day. They are definitely worth considering.

Commonly Asked Questions

Where can I buy succulents for my wedding?

There are several resources mentioned in this blog post, but two great places are Mountain Crest Gardens and The Succulent Source.

For a full list of places we recommend shopping for wedding succulents, click here.

Can I propagate succulents from leaves (or seeds) for my wedding?

While it is possible to propagate succulents from leaves or seeds for your wedding, you’ll need to plan a long time in advance. For seeds, you may need two years to really get large plants.

If you’re propagating from leaves, you can likely grow large enough succulents within a year.

I don’t generally recommend this approach. While it might seem cheaper, it will take a great deal of patience, determination and consistency, not to mention time and space, to be successful.

You’ll also need to start propagating a lot more plants than you’ll actually need, as propagation is not a guaranteed process.

One of the biggest challenges most people face when attempting to propagate succulents in large quantities like this is weather. To propagate succulents indoors without stretching, you’ll need to use grow lights. This takes a significant amount of space.

You can propagate them outside, but only if you live in a climate with mild temperatures (no freezing) and are propagating mostly during the warm season.

If you are able to plan in advance and want to give this a try, go for it!

How far in advance should I order and put together thank-you favors?

I recommend putting together favors no more than a week in advance. While you can put them together sooner, you’ll have to make sure they are getting enough light and water so they don’t stretch too much or die before the wedding.

A week is enough time to get them prepped and ready without having to worry too much about caring for them.

How far in advance can I make boutonnieres or a bouquet?

If you’re only using succulents, you can make the boutonniere or bouquets 3-4 days in advance. You can probably get away with doing them before that, but some succulents may begin to shrivel or lose their rigidity as they try to survive by utilizing the water stored in their leaves.

Make sure you keep them in a mild climate with bright, indirect sunlight. It is best not to refrigerate them as most don’t like temperatures so cold.

What flowers pair well with succulents for a bouquet/boutonniere/corsage?

Anything you’d like! As long as you’re making the bouquet in the time frame that works for the other flowers, succulents look great and work well with other popular wedding flowers.

Where can I buy terracotta pots for my succulent favors?

My favorite place, and the least expensive I’ve found, is Mountain Crest Gardens. If you’re already ordering succulents from them it’s really easy to just add the terracotta pots to your order.

Another great place to look is Hobby Lobby. You’ll likely need to visit a few stores or start purchasing them weeks in advance to ensure they have enough for all your succulent favors. You may also be able to place a custom order for them too.