How to Make Succulent Boutonnieres for Your DIY Wedding

Creating a boutonniere out of succulents is so simple and so unique! Learn how to make your own with this step-by-step guide!

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I always love looking through Pinterest and spotting succulents in bouquets and wedding boutonnieres. I think succulents would also make for a very unique prom boutonniere as well! I attempted making some boutonnieres a while ago and the result was not so pretty. So, I asked Erin if she would show me how to make boutonnieres with succulents.

Making boutonnieres is a lot simpler than I thought and I thought her combinations of plants were really pretty! If you are looking to make your own boutonnieres for your wedding or prom, take a look at the tutorial below! You can purchase cuttings for them here. If you’re looking for other succulents for your wedding you’ll love The Succulent Source!

Succulent boutonniere's are a great touch for any wedding and are simple to make!

First off, here are the supplies you’ll need:

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide what succulents you’ll want to pair together. One thing I love about Erin’s work is her combination of colors and textures. Once you know what you want together, you’ll start adding the wire.

Depending on the succulent you are using, you may need to cut off the roots.

Cut off Roots - How to Make a Succulent Boutonniere -

Since succulents don’t have a long stem you need to add wire to create a “stem”. To do this, insert a piece of wire in the base of the succulent and push it through until the halfway point.

Place Wire through Succulent Stem - How to Make a Succulent Boutonniere -

Here is another way you can add the wire to the stem:

Another Way to Wrap Wire for Stem - How to Make a Succulent Boutonniere -

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Then you’ll fold the wire down to form the base for the “stem”.

Fold Down Wire - How to Make a Succulent Boutonniere -

Next, you’ll take a piece of floral tape and wrap the actual stem of the succulent all the way down to the bottom of the wire.

Wrap Floral Tape Around Wire to Create Stem - How to Make a Succulent Boutonniere -

The nice thing about having a wire stem is you can easily bend the head of the succulent to make it face whatever way you want. After you’ve created a stem for all the succulents you are going to use you can start putting the boutonniere together. Start by wrapping two of the succulents together.

Place Two Cuttings Next to Each Other - How to Make a Succulent Boutonniere -

Wrap Cuttings Together - How to Make a Succulent Boutonniere -

Add the third succulent and use floral tape to attach all the stems together.

Wrap Floral Tape Around Cuttings - How to Make a Succulent Boutonniere -

Once this is done, you can add ribbon and a pin and now you’ve completed your succulent boutonniere! I also put together a video of her making one of the boutonnieres so you can see this process in action.

I love how these turned out. We had a nice variety of plants from Daniel’s Specialty Nursery that gave these a unique look. The Kalanchoe delagoensis were especially fun because they are so unique (the main succulent in focus below).

Wow! This succulent boutonniere is awesome!

This succulent boutonniere is gorgeous and the colors are so unique!

I love all the bright colors in this succulent boutonniere!

If you’ve used succulents for your wedding or event I’d love to see! Feel free to leave a comment linking to photos or send me an email! Also, be sure to stop by and see more of Erin’s beautiful arrangements at Floral Design by Erin.

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Succulent Boutonnieres - How to Make a Succulent Boutonniere - www.succulentsandsunshine.comSucculent Boutonniere Ideas - How to Make a Succulent Boutonniere -

26 Responses to How to Make Succulent Boutonnieres for Your DIY Wedding

  1. Many partners, nevertheless, choose to provide their particular vases which might be cheap if not free for their ecofriendly wedding.

  2. Hi Cassidy!

    I loved your quick video about succulent boutineers! I will be making my own for a wedding and I am in search of an alternative to boutineer straight pins.

    I have seen in a floral shop before a more stabalizing boutineer pin. It’s more like a safety pin, that pins horizontally across and has a plastic piece that lays flat vertically against the lapel. I think this would be especially helpful to use in a succulent boutineer where there is a lot of weight.

    I haven’t been able to find these lapel safety pins on the internet. Do you know what I’m talking about and if you can, could you point me in the right direction to where to buy a pack?

    THANK YOU! – love your work!

    • Boutonnieres are a lot of fun, and honestly one of the easiest florals to make for a wedding. I’m sure you’ll love them! I haven’t heard of the pins you are talking about, but they sound awesome! I tried searching Amazon and found this vase sort of thing for a boutonniere. I’m not sure it would match the look you’re going for, but maybe it will get you in the right direction?

    • I wouldn’t make them more than 2-3 days ahead of time. Keep them in an area that is warm and gets bright, indirect sunlight all day. If you notice they start to become limp, you can lightly spray around the stems with water.

Let us know what you think!

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