Succulent Gift Ideas

This guide has all kinds of gifts for succulent lovers! Whether it’s someone who already has everything they possibly could in their succulent garden, or maybe a friend who’s just starting out. 

Below you’ll find affiliate links from some of our favorite, tried-and-true, succulent vendors that are sure to please every succulent grower in your life!

Succulent Planters

Gorgeous pottery by Susan Aach and succulent arrangement by The Succulent Perch

There’s nothing more exciting that pairing a beautiful succulent with an incredible hand made pot, except when the pot is designed specifically with succulents in mind.

Click here to a handmade pot by my favorite artist!

macrame for succulents

Why limit succulent growing to a shelf or table? These gorgeous macrame hangers will liven up any space.

Click here to get a macrame hanger for your succulents!

metal address planter with succulents

Take your house number to a whole new level with this incredible address planter!

Click here to get this unique planter!

This wine bottle planter kit is a fun way to display succulents!

These beautifully crafted wine bottle planters include a drainage hole which makes them perfect for new growers!

Click here to purchase this adorable wine bottle planter!

This 'Just add succulents' potting kit is so great! Perfect for new succulent growers

A crucial part of keeping succulents alive is the soil and pot they are grown in. Get the perfect setup for your new succulent grower with this potting kit from Bonsai Jack!

Click here to get the “just add succulents” kit!

Combine Jovibarbas and Sedums to make a beautiful succulent rock garden

Keep things natural with a beautiful red rock planter for your cold hardy succulents. These planters are an unique way to show off your succulents!

Click here to get this fun planter!

indoor planter

Give you succulents some extra height with this simple but stunning gold and white planter

Click here to buy this planter!

blue japanese succulent planters

These blue planters will show off your succulents and look clean and classic in any space!

Click here to get these planters!

speckled succulent planters

Speckled and small, you’ll love having these planters on your desk or in your kitchen!

Click here to get this planter set!

crackling succulent planter

The crackling glaze on these planters is reminiscent of mud, and your succulents will love it!

Click here to pick a planter!

mid century modern succulent planters

These planters are definitely taking on the mid-century modern trend! Such a fun contrast to the organic shapes of succulents.

Click here to get yours!

The colors, geometry and speckles in these planters makes them hard to pass up!

Click here to pick a planter!

handmade pottery

Handmade pottery always shows off succulents best!

Click here to get your next planter!

Succulent Books and Courses

echeveria elegans with succulent lovers club text

Get personalized expert help with your succulents from Cassidy and connect with other succulent lovers! Each month we have two “face-to-face” video calls where you can ask questions and show us what’s happening in your garden. Plus, you’ll get to see what others are doing as well.

Click here to get all the details and join the club!


Written with a beginning succulent grower in mind, the Idiot’s Guide: Succulents book is a fantastic resource for the budding gardener.

Click here to get the book!

ebook mockup with title The Essential Guide to Growing Succulents Indoors

Succulents can be good houseplants… but you’ll need to learn a few basic tips and tricks to make sure they really thrive.

This photo-filled guide teaches you everything you need to know to keep your succulents healthy and beautiful!

Click here to get the ebook!

Ebook mockup with title The Secrets to Propagating Succulents

Would you like to multiply your lonely collection of succulents into dozens—and even hundreds—more?

Good news: succulents can be propagated like wild bunnies, as long as you follow a few simple tricks. And best of all, they won’t cost you a penny!

Click here to get this ebook!

How to water succulents ebook

Water: such a basic need. Yet too much (or too little) water is the number one way to kill a plant. If you are struggling with how often – and how much – to water your succulents, this easy-to-read guide will simplify your life.

Click here to get this ebook!

learn about choosing the best succulents for where you live

While all succulents are amazing and beautiful, not all of them will grow where you live or where you’re growing them.

Wondering which succulents will thrive in your environment? This guide includes tips for choosing the best succulents for where you live, how much you like to water (or not) and how much light is available.

Click here to learn more about this guide!

Succulent Workbook and Journal

Would you like to set yourself up for success growing succulents? Then this is for YOU!

Get ready to do a little succulent stalking, and make sure you have the knowledge and skills you need to grow succulents. Don’t worry ? the workbook will walk you through everything.

Click here to start stalking your succulents!

The Gardener's Guide to Cactus

This book will show you how to care for succulents in the ground and show an amazing assortment of cactus in different shapes and sizes, some beautiful cactus blooms and more!

Click here to purchase this awesome book!

This book will show you a wide variety of cold hardy succulents and cacti, teach you best practices for growing this subset of succulents, and inspire you to plant your own cold hardy succulent garden!

Click here to get the book!

A wonderful reference book with gorgeous photos all about caring for succulents

Robin Stockwell has been growing succulents for decades. This book gives you the insights from a succulent expert and will inspire you to grow amazing succulents yourself. So much practical advice and gorgeous photos!

Click here to get the book!

Sensational Succulents coloring book

Another playful coloring book with lots of succulents! Great for kids and adults.

Click here to start coloring!

Succulent Serenity Cactus Calm

Succulent Serenity, Cactus Calm is an adult coloring book featuring 35 original hand illustrated designs perfect for relaxing!

Click here to get this book!

Succulents artists coloring book

These gorgeous succulent drawings will keep you entertained for a long time!

Click here to get the book!

See how many succulents you can spot in this fun children’s book!

Click here to purchase this fun book for kids!

Succulent and Cactus Shirts and More!

Be happy.. grow succulents! Show off your succulent love with this super comfortable T-shirt! Available in multiple colors.

Click here to be happy!

saguaro cactus shirt

This cactus shirt is especially great if you live in AZ where the Saguaro grows, but it’s so comfy and cute you’ll want it no matter where you live!

Click here to grab this cute cactus shirt!

These cactus socks won't poke your toes but they will keep them warm

These cactus socks won’t poke your toes, but they will keep them warm!

Click here to get these super soft socks!

Cactus Pen and Journal Set from Amazon

Never take a boring note again! These cacti pens and notebooks are kid approved!

Click here to get this writing set!

Mindful Succulents

Enamel pins are all the rage! And these super cute succulent styles are sure to be a favorite

Click here to purchase!

How adorable are these kids pajamas!? If only they came in adult sizes….

Click here to purchase!

Enamel pins

Join the coloring craze with some beautiful succulent artwork!

Click here to purchase!

Succulent and cactus shoes

Succulent shoes? Yes please! A fun pattern to show off your favorite hobby.

Click here to get your pair!

Cactus socks

Stay cozy all year long with these adorable succulent socks! Don’t worry, the cactus won’t poke your feet.

Click here to get yours!

succulent necklace
Dress up your day with a delicate succulent necklace!

Click here to get yours!

mini succulent pendant
Wear a mini succulent arrangement! These clay necklaces look so realistic, just like miniature succulents!

Click here to see more!

Looking Sharp stemless wine glass cactus love
Wear a mini succulent arrangement! These clay necklaces look so realistic, just like miniature succulents!

Click here to see more!

Succulent Arrangements and Individual Plants

Succulents grown indoors, like this Haworthia, rarely go through true dormancy

Ship succulents anywhere in the US in a ready to go, beautiful planter box. This is perfect for adorning a shelf, table or window sill in any home!

Click here to purchase a succulent box!

6 Pcs Assorted Potted Succulents Plants

Love succulents, but don’t want to worry about over-watering them? This set of 6 faux potted succulents is perfect! Perfect for homes with pets or curious toddlers – no more cleaning up spills!

Click here to purchase!

Leaf and Clay Big Pricks pack

If there’s a type of succulent that is designed for heat and minimal water, it’s cactus. It’s perfect for potted arrangements that need some low maintenance plants that add visual interest!

Click here to purchase from Leaf and Clay!


Sempervivums (hens and chicks) as well as Stonecrop Sedums are easy to grow, plus they can handle extreme cold! These wholesale trays of Semps and Sedums are an amazing value!

Click here to get these beauties!

Sempervivum heuffelii are an amazing cold hardy succulent

An unusual part of the Sempervivum family, heuffelii come in a variety of textures and colors.

Click here to purchase these incredible Semps!

Opuntia Orange Chiffon - A cold hardy succulent with stunning flowers

Cacti like the cold, too! At least some of them! These cold hardy Opuntia are impressive, and cold hardy to -20°F!

Click here to purchase these amazing cold hardy Opuntias!

Not all succulents will do well indoors. However, Mountain Crest Gardens has put together an indoor succulent tray with 5 varieties that will thrive indoors.

Click here to get the indoor tray!

A stunning Mangave Bloodspoot succulent

While your addict may have a lot of succulents, they may be missing some of the more rare and unusual varieties.

Click here to see rare succulents!

Succulent Tools and Supplies

This mini garden tool kit is the perfect set for maintaining an indoor succulent garden!

One of the best gifts under $10 you can get for a new succulent grower is this mini garden tool kit.

Click here to get the toolkit now!

Use nitrile dipped gloves and tongs to protect your hands when working with cacti

These Nitrile dipped gloves will keep your hands clean and prevent your fingers from getting poked!

Click here to get yours!

watering globe for succulents in heat

A watering globe will help keep soil damp but not soggy allowing roots to stay cool during hot spells. It also provides water to an arrangement if you’re gone for an extended period of time, and ensure your soil doesn’t dry out too quickly when temperatures get extreme!

Click here to purchase!

Bonsai Jack soil mix is perfect for indoor succulents

This mix from Bonsai Jack is the best for indoor succulents! It has large particles so rootshave plenty of air flow, absorbs water quickly so it gets wet all the way through, and drains quickly enough for succulents.

Click here to get the perfect potting soil!

Grow Lights

Use a grow light to help succulents maintain a compact shape, preserve vibrant colors in succulents leaves, and help succulents get enough light even when skies are gray!

Click here to keep your plants happy through the winter!

Shade cloth

Shade cloth works well for providing shade temporarily (or permanently) for succulents that aren’t happy with as much heat and sunlight.

Click here to keep the sun off your succulents!

Use invisible pot feet under pots to allow water to flow out of pots easily, reduce water build up, and prevent stains on wood or cement from water pooling below your pots!

Click here to purchase!

Bonsai Jack nozzles

If you’re growing succulents outdoors, you need a good hose and good nozzles/sprayers.

Click here to get these heavenly hose attachments!

Plant trolley

It’s likely you’re growing succulents in a small space. Make your plants easier to move around with the plant trolley!

Click here to get the trolley!

Bonsai Jack scissors

Taking cuttings is a fun way to grow more succulents. But having the right tool will make a world of difference.

Click here to get my favorite scissors!

More Fun Succulent Gift Ideas!

This outdoor succulent fairy garden is adorable!

Mushrooms and succulents? Yes indeed! At least if they’re ceramic mushrooms… These garden accents add bright colors and contrast to any garden, providing some extra color year round!

Click here to brighten up your garden!

A fun fairy house for your succulent garden

If your succulent addict already has it all, give them something for the fairies or gnomes!

Get a fun fairy house for your garden here!

Succulent Christmas Tree Ornament from Mountain Crest Gardens

Who says succulents are just for the window sill? These live succulent ornaments are to die for!

Click here to add some succulents to your tree!

cactus door mat

Welcome your guests with not-so-prickly cactus!

Click here to get this cactus door mat!

cactus surprise mug

The cutest cactus mug you ever did see! A happy little surprise when you finish your delicious drink.

Click here to get this fun mug!

magnetic succulent shopping list notepad
Even your shopping list can show off your love of succulents!

Click here to get your list!

Succulent accessory pouch
Carry all your necessities in this adorable succulent zipper bag!

Click here to get your bag!

mini cactus succulent keychain
Carry a live cactus with you wherever you go, on your key! How amazing is this?!

Click here to get keychain!

Succulent backpack
Carry everything you need in this adorable cactus backpack! Could you fit a potted cactus in the waterbottle pocket?

Click here to get your backpack!

ceramic succulent
Don’t want to send real plants? Send a ceramic one instead!

Click here to get a fun ceramic succulent!

Not a hugger enamel pin
It’s ok to be a little prickly! Just ask this cactus!

Click here to get this fun enamel pin!

Aaron Apsley art
These beautiful watercolor prints make even the prickliest cactus look soft and dreamy!

Click here to get these gorgeous prints!

This ceramic cactus has all the charm without the risk of getting poked!

Click here to get yours!


Coloring succulents for the ultimate fun and stress relief!

These printable coloring cards allow you to de-stress and have fun over and over again! Plus, you’ll have gorgeous cards to give to family and friends.

Click here to get yours!