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Over the years, I’ve bought a LOT of succulent-related products, and learned which ones work best. Let me save you time and money by referring you to the tools that have worked for me!

Many of the links below are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission of any sale they make – at no extra cost to you. But every single product on this page is one I’ve personally used and loved.


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Cold Hardy Succulents from Mountain Crest Gardens

Colorful cold-hardy and tender succulents

– Mountain Crest Gardens

Rare and Unusual Gymnocalycium cactus from Leaf and Clay

Rare and unusual tender succulents and cacti

– Leaf and Clay

Succulent Gardens Triangle Planter DIY kit on Blue

Unique DIY succulent arrangement kits in wood shapes and letters

– Succulent Gardens

Lula's Garden Succulent Box

Beautiful ready-to-display indoor succulent box gardens

– Lula’s Garden

Looking Sharp Cactus -- Pre-Planted Succulent Wine Bottles

Amazing hanging and table-top wine bottle garden kits

– Looking Sharp Cactus

Incredible succulent bouquets and boutonnieres from Succulently Urban

Incredible succulent bouquets and boutonnieres

– Succulently Urban 

Colorful, ready-to-go arrangements in pots

Colorful, ready-to-go arrangements in pots

– I dream of succulents

Stunning succulent wreaths and centerpieces from succulent salon

Stunning succulent wreaths and centerpieces

– Succulent Salon

 Succulent Box has some beautiful succulents, some of which are hard (or expensive) to find! They even have a Succulent of the Month club!

Hard-to-find succulents, as well as a Succulent of the Month club!

– Succulents Box


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This soil by Bonsai Jack provides optimal drainage for your succulents!

An amazing well draining soil for succulents

– Bonsai Jack

Top dressing

A fun selection of top dressings to make your arrangements look professional

– Bonsai Jack

manure tea fertilizer

A fantastic all-natural fertilizer for succulents

– Haven Brand

Awesome floral glue for all of your succulent arrangements

Floral glue which works well for succulent projects

Mini Succulent Tool Kit

Perfect tool set for keeping your succulent arrangements beautifully manicured

Find out how you can use greening pins, floral tape and floral wire to make an exciting project with succulents

Greening pins which help with making a succulent wreath or topiary ball


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Arrangement created by Cindy of The Succulent Perch - Pottery by Susan Aach - Photography by Cassidy Tuttle

– Susan Aach

Susan Aach Ceramic Succulent Planter

– Susan Aach

Simple planter for small, miniature or fairy garden succulents by Addie Olsen

– Addie Olsen

This circle planter is awesome! It looks even better with succulents too

– Dalla Vita

Dalla Vita Unurth Planter

– Dalla Vita

The new Sunrise Sunset Clay Pot from Dalla Vita is perfect your succulents!

– Dalla Vita


– Looking Sharp Cactus


– Looking Sharp Cactus


– Beluga Supply


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Make stylish container compositions with gorgeous succulents! Create bouquets, terrariums, wreaths and more.

Stunning succulent arrangements

– Debra Lee Baldwin

Start your own succulent micro business

Start your own micro succulent business

– Jacki Cammidge

Daily Drawing Challeng 31 Things to Draw with Lisa Congdon

Get your creative juices flowing with Lisa Congdon’s daily challenge!

– Craftsy

Learn to paint cactus and succulents using gouache and watercolor in Jennifer Orkin Lewis’ class!

– Craftsy



Medium Striped Porcelain Planter with Attached Tray and Drainage Hole

Beautiful striped porcelain planter with attached tray

-Taylor Ceramics

Red Ceramic Mushroom. Clay Mushroom, Firecracker, Garden Decor Ornament, Shroomyz, Outdoor Decoration.

Adorable red ceramic mushroom for a fairy garden

-Roo Pottery

Doesn't Succulent Birthday Funny Pun Cactus Aloe Plants Trend Modern Black White Kraft Pen Ink Bday Folded Card by Paper Pony Co

Cute and funny succulent birthday card

-The Paper Pony Co

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