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Let’s cover the basics of succulent care

While succulents can be low maintenance, there’s a few things you should know to ensure they thrive. Check out the posts below to get started!

“How to Water Succulents: An In-Depth Guide”

Water: such a basic need. Yet too much (or too little) water is the number one way to kill a plant. If you are struggling with how often – and how much – to water your succulents, this easy-to-read guide will simplify your life.

What you’ll learn in this book:

  • The proper watering techniques, ensuring longevity

  • Which factors determine how often succulents need to be watered

  • How to recognize early warning signs that your succulent is over or under watered

  • Watering succulents in a pot without drainage

  • Fun ideas to make watering succulents easier

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Easy to Grow Succulents

While the proper knowledge of succulent care will allow you keep any succulent alive, there are some succulents that are determined to stay alive despite neglect or abuse. These are some of my favorites! Click on the images to purchase.

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Growing succulents indoors is tricky if you don’t know the proper soil, sunlight and watering requirements - Learn how to make succulents work for you!

The Essential Guide to Growing Succulents Indoors

Growing succulents indoors is tricky business if you don’t know the proper soil, sunlight and watering requirements. But you can make succulents work for you, you just need to know the right way to care for them! Follow my step-by-step instructions and watch your worries float away and your succulents thrive, year after year!