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Hey there!

I’m Cassidy — the Yoda of succulents.

My succulent training began with three small plants on the window sill of my basement apartment. Within a year I had propagated them and purchased more, totaling over 100 plants!

It’s been a fun adventure since then as I’ve drowned… burned… frozen… and starved my collection of succulents.

And… we’ll pretend it was all intentional 🙂

This site is where I teach you how to avoid all those mistakes (or help you recover from them) and learn everything you need to successfully grow your succulents!


Cassidy Tuttle - Succulents and Sunshine

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Choose your own adventure below!

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Just getting started with succulents?

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Got a succulent that doesn't look so great?

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Struggling with watering your succulents?

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Want to get more succulents from the ones you already have?

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