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Hey there!

I’m Cassidy — the Yoda of succulents.

My succulent training began with three small plants on the window sill of my basement apartment. Within a year I had propagated them and purchased more, totaling over 100 plants!

It’s been a fun adventure since then as I’ve drowned… burned… frozen… and starved my collection of succulents.

And… we’ll pretend it was all intentional 🙂

This site is where I teach you how to avoid all those mistakes (or help you recover from them) and learn everything you need to successfully grow your succulents!


Cassidy Tuttle - Succulents and Sunshine

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Start your succulent journey today with my

FREE course: Succulents for Beginners!

In this course I teach you the most important aspects of growing healthy, beautiful succulents:

  • How to pick the best succulents for your growing environment
  • The roles soil and pottery play in ensuring your succulents stay healthy
  • How to water your succulents to ensure they thrive
I really want to help you make succulent growing easy, fun and stress-free.

This course will help you do that. Plus, it’s free! So let’s go on this succulent growing adventure together.

Important Topics

These topics are definitely at the top of the list of commonly asked questions and will also provide a great foundation for you to grow healthy succulents!

Still not sure where to start?
How about Successfully Growing Succulents!

Get off to an amazing start growing succulents with this online course!

Jump-start your succulent growing skills! Let me show you, step-by-step, how to care for succulents. I go in-depth on foundational succulent care topics, ensuring you understand why the ideas and techniques I teach actually work.

In this course, I’ll also show you:

  • Why some soils work better than others (a side-by-side comparison)
  • Early warning signs your succulent is getting too much water (or that it’s not getting enough)
  • How to treat bug infestations
  • A step-by-step tutorial on planting succulents
  • How to maintain an overgrown succulent
  • And so much more!

I also do weekly demos on topics you request!

The demos take place in an exclusive Facebook Group for course members where you can share what you’re doing and get feedback from other succulent lovers! I answer questions and share what I’m up to as well! It’s so much fun!

In the course you can also upload pictures for me to diagnose what’s going on with your succulent, or get any of your succulents identified.

Come join the fun and take your succulent growing to the next level!

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