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Succulents for Beginners

Are you struggling to keep your succulents alive? Or maybe you’re just getting started with succulents? It can be hard to know where to start!

In this free course, you’ll learn the 3 most important tips to keep your succulents alive and thriving.

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My first few succulents struggled.

Succulents need just the right amount of water to survive. So, what if you knew exactly how to water your succulents to give them exactly what they need?

A simple solution to get watering right, every time.

Happy, beautiful succulents.

It’s totally possible!

Way back when, I was completely new to gardening. I had seen succulents in magazines (before the Pinterest was a thing…) and thought they looked gorgeous and fun.

Plus, everything I had heard about them said they were easy to grow!

So, I bought 3 and excitedly placed them on the window in my room.

In just two days one of them was completely limp and looked like it wasn’t going to survive.

My mom suggested I water it and it perked right up! So naturally, I watered the others.

However, as I began continually watering them, they started to look worse and worse…

Sound familiar?

Watering succulents can be a huge question mark for succulents but it’s soooooo important to get it right.

After all, if they aren’t getting enough water they’ll die. And if they get too much water… you guessed it… they’ll die.

But the good news is I didn’t give up!

After years of experimenting and trying a bunch of techniques I read about, I finally discovered how to properly water succulents to ensure they get the exact amount they need.

And now I want to show you the same technique that saved my succulents! That way you don’t have to sacrifice all your succulents to bad watering techniques.

It’s made a huge difference for me, and lots of others too. For example:

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This watering technique is easy to implement and will ensure your succulent gets exactly as much water as it needs.

And the great thing? It works no matter where you live!