I joined and I love it.  I have somewhere to come to ask questions and there’s such a terrific group of people here.  I’m so very glad for this space!
Sharon Johns
I really do enjoy the club to the n-th degree!  Especially enjoyable are the Q&A calls with the chance to meet so many knowledgeable, fun people face to face.  I’ve gotten answers to several identity questions….problems with mealy bugs, frozen plants, how to repot pups, etc.  I get new ideas from other enthusiasts here.
Bonnie Sproat

Here's what you'll get when you join the Succulent Lovers Club today:

1) Twice a month Succulent Tea Parties

robyn gallery gif

See and interact with fellow club members in real time on our Zoom Q&A calls! Share what's most exciting in your garden right now and ask for help with those tricky succulents (ahem... String of Pearls...).

2) Community area

club overview 2

Have a question while you're watering your succulents on a Sunday afternoon? Or maybe you want to show off the succulents you potted up today? Inside the Succulent Lovers Club Community website you'll be able to post photos, ask questions, and connect with other Succulent Lovers in between calls. Your own succulent "network".

3) Exclusive Monthly Members-Only Classes

Every month we host a special guest to teach us something new about succulents or a related topic. You can join live to ask questions or watch the replays, but you're sure to learn something new and interesting each month.

You won’t find these classes anywhere else. Binge-watch them all Netflix style, or set aside time as needed. Here are some of the classes you can go back and watch (our new classes are announced each month in the club)

  • Winter Succulent Care Care Overview | by Cassidy Tuttle
  • Succulent Dormancy for Indoor and Outdoor Succulents | by Cassidy Tuttle
  • Grow More Joy In Your Life.... with Succulents! | by Maria Failla from Bloom and Grow Radio
  • Success on Your 1st Try: 3 Tips to Thriving Outdoor Container Gardens with Succulents | by Marylee Pangman from The Potted Desert
  • Succulent taxonomy -- what names mean, why they change and who decides what the names are | by Annie Schreck from Mountain Crest Gardens (Research Director & Editor-in-Chief)
  • Caring for rare succulent varieties | by Ashley Larum from Mountain Crest Gardens (Grower/ Production Manager)
  • Tips for Planting Succulent Arrangements | by Kat McCarthy from The Succulent Eclectic
  • Cactus cultivation and care | by Darren Irwin from The Succulent Source

Wherever you're at in your succulent journey, from newbie to addict enthusiast, the Succulent Lovers Club can help you find even more joy (and less stress) in growing succulents.

Start your club membership for just $15.

4) Successfully Growing Succulents Course

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Everything you need to know about caring for succulents, all in one place. From beginners to experience gardeners, this online course will teach you all the right advice for your plants to thrive.

Normally sold for $127 (with over 1,000 happy students), you get access to it with your membership.

5) Successfully Propagating Succulents Course

Did you know succulents can be propagated like wild bunnies? You’ve just got to follow a few simple steps. Learn time-tested propagation techniques that can take you from 1 to 100 plants! Not only is this fun, it’s cost-effective, too.

Normally sold for $45, you get access to this online course as part of your membership.

Just $15 USD per month. Cancel at any time.

While it's true -- there are a lot of different succulents out there to figure out -- once you know more about your plants, it can get really fun... really fast.

Especially with friends!

The Succulent Lovers Club is here to help you:

... improve the care of every succulent you have (or want to have)

... create a beautiful succulent garden you're proud of

... share in the excitement of it all with friends

Because learning about and growing these little plants can be so fulfilling and rewarding. But it's even more fun when you have a group of fellow succulent lovers.

It makes me feel so much better knowing I’m not the only person that loves succulents as much as I do. I have 522 succulents and I started growing them a year ago. I dove in deep!

Joe Lupo

We've "been there, done that" too

  • Bought 23 plants and somehow only have 12 (or less) a few months later
  • Put a lot of love into these plants but they never look happy
  • Bought random plants and potted them into whatever soil we had on hand
  • Followed "Google" advice but it only kinda worked
  • Feel lost when it comes to all the details each individual plant needs
  • Annoyed spouse or partner at how much $$$ we're spending
  • Been stuck in a frustrating cycle but don't want to give up on our plant babies

Yeah... Sometimes it's tough. And all that talk about "succulents are the easiest plants to keep alive" may get you down from time to time when our little loves aren't doing so great.

But there's soooo much satisfaction in watching your succs grow and bloom. So let's get you more of that satisfaction.

Don't give up, succulent lover!

(the club is here to help)

Just $15 USD per month. Cancel at any time.

I just got some succulents to replace old ones (that are dead) that I bought before I joined the group. Didn’t have a clue about any of this, but NOW I do. They are very healthy and I intent to keep them that way.

Don Goodman

Why a membership?

Hey. Cassidy Tuttle here.

After 9 years of growing succulents, I've have a collection of over 500 thriving little succulent babies.

cassidy tuttle author succulents and sunshine

But for every little pot of love sitting in my basement and random shelf around the house, there’s a memory of another succulent that didn’t quite make it.

You name a way to kill a succulent, I've done it... unintentionally, of course.

  • drowned
  • burnt
  • frozen
  • starved...

It all comes down to having the right knowledge and support.

And that's what you'll get inside the Succulent Lovers Club.

Everything you need to know about growing your succulents... and friends (literally) cheering you on as you try new things and grow your garden. #cutoffthetop

In other words...


...with other succulent lovers from around the world through an online community and bi-monthly "Succulent Tea Parties"


...more about growing your plants with premium courses and exclusive members-only classes and workshops


...gorgeous succulents at are low maintenance and fun!

The 2 biggest things I've learned about growing succulents:

Low maintenance is not the same as no maintenance

Some of the most common advice out there is “just ignore your succulents.” As you’ve likely found out by now, that’s not really advice you should take.

Inside the Club, you bring whatever plants you have to the group, and we use our collective knowledge and experience to give you the real 411 on how to care for each individual succulent.

Friends and people that get it make this hobby so much more fun.

Sometimes, the people in your life won’t get why growing succulents is so fulfilling and rewarding to you. But it’s so nice to have people to connect with who understand what your spouse or roommate might think is a little “crazy.”

And that’s a huge part of why the Club has so much emphasis on its members and hosts twice-monthly Succulent Tea Parties via Zoom.

Just $15 USD per month. Cancel at any time.

The Succulent Lovers Club is completely remote!

Tea parties happen live online so you can join in the fun no matter where you are in the world. All courses and classes are uploaded into our Members Only Area and can be viewed anytime as well.

world map with locations

With the help of the succulent lovers club my succulent babies aren’t dying. They are growing healthy!

Tiffany Riffle

Thanks so much! I’ve never felt confident with plants; your online course is really changing my perspective!

Stacey Greenberg

I rescued a jade plant from a friend two years ago. It was dry and leggy and almost dead. Thanks to the club, it is now healthy and beautiful, but I refuse to give it back to her 😂

Andrea Witt

How to know this membership is for you...

Decisions like this can be tough. If you can check off at least two of these... the Club was made for you!

  • Find growing plants relaxing but also frustrating when your little babies aren't happy
  • Learned the hard way that not all succulents are create equal... but there's so many that it seems hard to figure out
  • Love the idea of learning from other succulent lovers and seeing what people from around the world are up to
  • Have had enough of just Googling info and not having it work
  • Want to save time and money by having all the advice you need in one place
  • Already tried a few pieces of advice online but know there's room for improvement... or you're ready to pick up steam with your garden
  • Want to make your succulent hobby more fun!
cactus cheering

More about our cancel anytime policy...

When you join, you've got 30 days to check out the courses, attend a tea party or two, and ask for help with your succulents.

If it seems like the membership isn't what you need, simply email us at support@succulentsandsunshine.com and let us know.

We'll cancel your membership, easy as that, and you won't be charged again.

Of course you can always cancel right from your account too if you're not the chatty/email type 🙂

There's so much you can gain from the club and we want to make it as risk-free as possible for you. Whatever help you need with your succulents, we're here for you!

Just $15 USD per month. Cancel at any time.

dancing succs

How it works

The Succulent Lovers Club website is easy to use and you'll be on your way to succulent success in no time. Here's a sneak peek inside:

Just $15 USD per month. Cancel at any time.

Got questions?

How long does the club last? What's the monthly cost?

Club payments are setup monthly, renewing on the same day of the month you originally joined. It's just $15 each month. You can stay as long as you'd like for that price, even if we raise the price down the road.

There's no long-term contract and you can easily cancel at any time. We're here for as long or as short as you need us 🙂

I'm super busy and this succulent thing is just a hobby. I'm not sure I have the time to devote to being a member of the club.

Whether you're a university student using succulents as a way to destress during finals... or nearly retired and ready to pour some love back into yourself by pouring love into these little plants...

I know life gets busy and this hobby is meant to be fun and flexible. So that's how we've designed the Club too.

Unlike a traditional club you’d find in your local area, where you would have to attend classes in real life, do collective work, and sit in on committees and such…the Succulent Lovers Club was created to help you connect, learn, and grow on YOUR time.

Of course, the Tea Parties are the only times we put something on the calendar, but even those are recorded for you to watch at your convenience.

The exclusive classes and online courses that come with the Club are all online, for you to watch when you have the time.

So just like your succulent hobby, it’s not meant to be stressful. The opposite, in fact.

Join now and see what I mean.

Do I need to purchase anything else when I join the club?

Just bring the succulents you have already!

But be warned, you might fall in love with someone else’s at a Tea Party. 😉

The best part about that, though?

You're in the Club now, learning how to keep any current (and all future) succulents alive! So unlike in the past, a new succulent purchase is never a waste!

What days and times are the Succulent Tea Parties?

Our call times vary from month to month so we can accommodate different schedules. We have a schedule posted in the club community center so you can always see the upcoming dates, times, and links.

If you're not able to make it live we will have a recording available to watch, usually by the next day. We'll also do a poll to see what is best for most members as time goes on and set them for various times to ensure as many members as possible can make it to the calls.

Feel free to request a time that works well for you too!

I live outside the United States. Can I still join the club?

Yes! In fact, one of the goals of the club is to connect people from all over the world so we can help each other better care for our succulents. The classes inside the club teach principles that apply to any climate and help you recognize adjustments you may need to make based on where you live.

Do the course lessons have closed captioning?

Yes! All the pre-recorded classes have closed captioning and we're testing out some options to even have live transcription on our calls! We want to make sure anyone is able to benefit from the classes and club experience.

What's your cancellation policy?

Super simple.

Just email us at support@succulentsandsunshine.com anytime for any reason to let us know you’d like to cancel. We’ll cancel your subscription and you won’t get charged again…but you’ll be able to stay in the Cub for the remainder of the time you’ve paid for.

You can also easily cancel your membership by clicking a link in your account.

What's included again?

  • Twice a month Tea Parties - Get to know your fellow Succulent Lovers, their plants, and how they’re growing their gardens. Ask questions, get live feedback, and help others, too!
  • Exclusive Access to Succulent & Sunshine Courses - For as long as you’re a member, you get access to both the Successfully Growing Succulents and Successfully Propagating Succulents courses.
    These are online courses we charge for, but you get it just for being in the Club. Together, they’ll help you learn everything you need to know in one place and how to turn one plant into a hundred (if that’s your thing.)
  • Members-Only Classes - Not available anywhere else, you get classes on:
    Winter Care, Common Questions About Planting Newly Purchased Succulents, Succulent Dormancy for Indoor and Outdoor Succulents, How to Choose Succulents for an Arrangement, and Designing a Large Succulent Arrangement.
  • Community Support - Connect with people who understand your “crazy” love for these little plants and want to help you grow your garden to be as beautiful as it can be.

I've got another question. Where should I send it?

No problem. Email the Succulents and Sunshine Team at support@succulentsandsunshine.com

My turn to ask a question...

Feeling like a happy cactus to sign up?

Just click the button below to get started.

Just $15 USD per month. Cancel at any time.

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