Cheap and Easy DIY Succulent Wedding Favors

Succulents are so popular these days! They make great DIY unique wedding favors that people are sure to love! Plus, they are easy to make!

Even though I’m married I always enjoy looking at wedding florals. There are so many great ideas for bouquets, centerpieces and party favors. It seems succulents are taking a permanent place in weddings these days and for good reason. They are extremely durable and will last for days, if not weeks, before they need care.

These DIY succulent wedding favors are so cute, so easy and cheap to make!

Today I wanted to share with you some great succulent wedding favor ideas. Below you’ll find 5 different ideas, all for $5 or less per favor. First off, I want to show you how to make these wood or agate stone and succulent favors.

You’ll need:

You just need a few items to make stunning DIY succulent wedding favors in minutes!

These are so simple to make! Start by putting some glue on the wood where you want the moss to be. Then, add glue to the succulent cutting you’d like to use.

Use floral glue to attach moss and succulents to wood slices to make succulent wedding favors

Attach reindeer moss and a succulent to a wood slice with floral glue to make cute party favors for your wedding

Place the succulent in the moss and you’re done!

This succulent arrangement is a really unique DIY wedding favor!

You can do these favors with wood slices, agate stones, or anything else that matches your wedding decor. My personal favorite are the agate stones. The colors are so bright and fun, perfect to pair with a group of bright succulent cuttings.

I love these succulent wedding favors with aggates!

If you're looking for DIY unique wedding favors, these succulent arrangements are perfect! So easy and cheap to make!

If you’d like to give something a little more permanent to your friends and family, you can give them arrangements in small terra cotta pots, cute pails or glass votives.

You can get a set of succulents from Mountain Crest Gardens that comes with either pots or pails. They are adorable! Plus, they are quick to assemble.

Just brush off the succulents, gently remove the succulent plug from the tray, and insert it into the pot or pail. You can also add some twine or ribbon to add a little more personal touch.

These succulent wedding favors in small terra cotta pots are so easy to make and are sure to be a hit! Plus you can order everything you need in one place

These succulent bombonieres in glass votives are so cute and easy to make!

Succulents make great wedding favors! These are so simple to make and you can get everythng in one place!

To care for the succulents on wood slices your guests can wet the moss every week or so. They can last for several weeks this way.

They can also remove the succulent and moss and plant them in small terra cotta pots or something else if they’d like. The succulent will last longer this way and they can follow the general care recommendations for succulents.

This post has great ideas for wedding favors using succulents! Plus you can buy everything you need in one place!

The succulents in pails or votives can also be kept for several weeks. Simply pour a tiny bit of water in the pot, just enough to get the soil wet. Then wait until the soil has dried completely before watering again.

Your wedding guests are sure to love these simple favors and they don’t take much effort to put together. The great thing is you can make them several days in advance, even a week if you need to.

Plus, if you have any left over (although they’ll be so popular you likely won’t) you can use them to start your own succulent collection!


These DIY succulent wedding favors are so cute, so easy and cheap to make!
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I love this idea. We are having a fairy garden theme for our wedding. These will be the perfect wedding gift for our guests. Thank you!!!

Phyllis Latterell

Cassidy, Your website is addicting!! I’ve found myself on here know for several hours and was originally just going to take a quick peek! My daughter is getting married in August 2016 and wants to use succulents in her wedding. We are trying to propagate them, but wondering if we really have time for them to grow. We live in Minnesota, so it isn’t warm enough out yet to put the outside. I have them sitting in a window. Do you think we have time for them to grow big enough to use in arrangements, bouquets, wedding-favors, etc?

Adam cornish

Is there anything along the lines of the succulent source available in the UK? My and my partner want to use small succulents as wedding favours. It would be great to find somewhere which could supply us with the stuff we would need 🙂

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