Fun and clever succulent projects

Succulents can be arranged in so many clever ways! Whether you're putting something special together for a gift, or just want to add some more succulents to your home, I've put together some of my favorite projects below.

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Basic supplies

As you'll see from the projects below, you can plant succulents in just about anything. But before you jump into all of the fun projects, I want to show you the basic supplies I use when making a project with succulents.

Each time I write a new post about a project I've created, I noticed some trends in the supplies I'm using. So, if you're looking to make something fun with succulents, here are a few things you may need:

To get the full details on these supplies, why I like them and how you might use them, be sure to read my full post about supplies here.

Now that you know what supplies you'll need, let's jump into the projects!

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Succulents planted in an Ikea cart

Looking for a fun way to decorate with succulents? Try planting them in an Ikea cart! This simple IKEA hack is so much fun! You'll be able to easily move your plants around or simply contain a lot of plants in a small space.

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Succulents in a cupcake stand

Create a “succulent stand” by placing succulents or cuttings in a cupcake stand. It's a temporary arrangement, but it's perfect for a baby shower, bridal shower or any other event! Plus, the succulents can be used again or planted elsewhere when you're done.

It would be fun to mix in some cupcakes too if you were using it for an event such as a wedding or bridal shower. It would make a great table centerpiece!

Succulents in a shoe

Who would have thought of planting succulents in old shoes? It would be so easy to recreate using sphagnum moss and succulent cuttings.

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Succulents in a hat

Add succulents to a straw sun hat to make it a little more exciting! Plus, if you give it a little sunshine and water it will keep on growing!

Use hot glue on a wide ribbon around the hat to create a base. Once it is set in place, add a row of “greenery.” You can use hot glue straight on the ends of the cuttings to attach them to the ribbon. Use a variety of succulent sizes, and glue them to the ribbon.

I've had a few people ask me how to care for the hat once it's created. Water it like you would any cuttings. Soak it every few days, and let it dry before wearing it.  

Succulent Centerpieces

Over the years, I've had many opportunities to photograph some incredible succulent centerpieces. Use the pictures below for inspiration for your next even or party!

Cindy Davidson of The Succulent Perch always has the most fun arrangements! I love this miniature succulent garden! You could create your own using cuttingsminiature garden accessoriesspaghnum moss, and a planter!

tiny succulent fairy garden centerpiece haworthia sedum sempervivum crassulaPin

Laura Eubanks from Design for Serenity created this amazing arrangements with succulents in a large conch shell! You can do the same by putting spaghnum moss inside the shell, and adding cuttings.

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Succulents in a wooden box

Use the idea of thriller, spiller, filler to create a beautiful succulent arrangement in a wooden box that you can use to decorate your home. It's simple, easy and fun!

To create your own wooden box arrangement, fill the bottom with a little bit of succulent soil and then cover it with Spanish moss. The moss gives the wooden boxes a little bit of interest and also help stabilize the cuttings and keep them in place.

You can also use rooted succulents for an arrangement like this too.

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Succulents in Glass Votives

These fun succulent-filled votives would make a great addition to wedding centerpieces or decorations!

To create these decorations, fill glass votive candle holders with colored sand and add your succulent cuttings.

Your succulent is not likely to thrive very long in this cute little centerpiece. While it may last for a few months (watering a tiny amount once a week: you don't want water to build up), your succulent will be happiest if transplanted after a little while to a pot that has more room for it to grow.

Succulent Cuttings Planter

To make this planter, just get some PVC pipe in a variety of sizes and voila!

Use a multi tool for sanding and sawing. I would recommend using a 1″ pipe to allow for bigger leaf cuttings and more room to grow). Cut your PVC to the sizes in various sizes, and sand the edges. Glue the pieces together to create the planter shape you want.

Then simply use spray paint to make it the color of your choice! Once your paint is dry you'll want to fill the pipes the rest of the way with succulent soil.

Once the dirt is in, fill the pipes with your succulent leaf cuttings!

Succulents in a book

This is such an easy project!

First, cut out a square about 3/4 way through an old book. Glue the pages together by pasting glue all along the outside of the book. Line the inside of the square with plastic so it won't get soggy.

Add spaghnum moss, and place your succulents inside.

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DIY Driftwood Planter Filled with Succulents

With this step by step tutorial you’ll easily be able to create a stunning piece of driftwood decor filled with succulents for your home. You only need a few supplies!

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Chevron Plant Riser

This project is a bit more time consuming, but is well worth the effort!

First, you'll want to create a drawing of how you want the riser to look along with the measurements. Measure and mark the boards so you know exactly where to cut. After you measure, go ahead and make the cuts. Next, piece them together to make sure they fit properly. Then screw it all together!

Next, spray paint two coats of yellow over the whole riser. To create the chevron stripes, use masking tape to block off the shapes after the paint has dried. Then spray paint again with the base color to prevent the top coat from bleeding. After putting the tape down, paint over the top with the second color of paint and wait for it to dry.

Once the paint is dry, paint a second coat and waited for it to dry again. Then pull off the tape to reveal the beautiful chevron!

Succulents in a wire planter

To start, you'll need 2 cocount liners. Attach the liners to the planter using floral wire and loop it around one of the wires then securing it on the inside.

To attach the cuttings, use scissors to poke a hole in the coconut liner.

Once the cutting is in the hole, take a small piece of wire and insert it into the cutting perpendicular to the stem, as close to the liner as possible. This prevents the cuttings from falling out (a very crucial step).

Next, fill the planter with well draining soil and then add in some larger plants. And that's it! Fill in any gaps you see with smaller plants until you're happy with the result.

Succulent Wreath

Learn how to make a living succulent wreath with this step-by-step photo tutorial! This fun DIY project is sure to make a statement on your front door!

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Succulent Holiday Garland

To make this holiday garland, you'll start by making the base. To do that , attach a bunch of Portulacaria afra branches together using wire. You could also use any leafy jade variety to create the same effect.

Next, cut short pieces of wire, overlap the end of a couple branches, and wrap the wire around both branches. Loosely wrap the wire around two branches. Continue to do this until you have a strand the desired length. Continue attaching together cuttings until you have a long strand.

After the base is ready, attach a few more individual branches of the Portulacaria afra in different varieties to the base.

To attach the base to the mantle, use 3M Command Hooks and wire. Put the Command Hooks horizontally on top of the mantle (rather than vertical like you would on a wall). Then wrap a piece of wire around the garland base and then to the hook.

Once you have the base in place, start adding other succulents to the garland. Use wire to attach the other cuttings to the garland base. To finish off the garland, pick out two somewhat large succulent cuttings and used them to cover the Command Hooks on the sides.

DIY Painted Planters with Succulents

These bell cups are so easy to personalize and look great with succulents in them! In just a few minutes you'll have a fun new planter for your succulents! You can jazz up these cute planters in just a few minutes. They'd make great gifts too!

You can do so many different things with them: add gold leafing, use a metallic paint penpaint them bright colors – the options are endless!

To prep the cups, just make sure they are clean and have a hole in the bottom for water to drain out. I used an awl to poke through the holes that were already in the cups and made them slightly larger.

Once you have all your pots decorated the way you'd like, it's time to fill them with succulents! The pots are small enough you likely won't need to add any extra soil. Just put the whole plant in!

After you have the succulents in, add the top dressing to cover the soil. This is one of my favorite parts of the project actually! It adds a finished look and feels modern and chic. The rocks will also prevent soil from coming out as easily when you water.

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Succulent terrarium

Terrariums are all the rage these days, especially succulent terrariums. Learn how to make your own with this step-by-step photo tutorial. Plus learn some dos and don'ts for using succulents in terrariums!

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DIY Succulent Jewelry

If you're looking to create some jewelry that will make a statement, this is the project for you! These stunning succulent earrings and ring are easy to make and sure to catch people's eye!

You'll want to use small succulents for these, such as White Diamond StonecropCrassula ‘Tom Thumb,' or  Cremnosedum ‘Little Gem'. If you've been propagating succulents from leaves, those baby rosettes would be perfect!

To make the earrings, put a dab of floral glue on the earring post. Next, gently place the succulent on the glue. Pull it off slightly and press back down to help the glue dry faster.

If the succulent will stay in place upside down, that is the easiest way to let the glue dry. Otherwise, you can hold the earring until it dries (a minute or two if using Oasis Floral Glue), or place it in pebbles or foam to hold it upright until dry.

To make the wire ring, wrap wire around the ring mandrel on the desired size. Once you have a thickness you like, cut the wire. Wrap a smaller piece of wire around the main part of the ring to keep everything secure. Once you have that done, you can start gluing on succulents!

Succulents in a rain gutter

If you're looking for a way to store a lot of succulents in a small place, try creating a rain gutter garden! They are large, relatively inexpensive, don't take too much soil, and have enough room for succulents.

These would look great on the side of a shed, under a window, along a fence, or on the railing of a balcony.

Cut the rain gutter down to the size you'd like it, then place an end cap on each end. Drill holes all along the bottom to allow for proper drainage. Use caulk to seal the gap between the gutter and the end cap.

Once the caulk is dry and the gutter is attached to the wall, fill it with well-draining soil. Then let the fun begin! Arrange your succulents however you'd like in the rain gutter.

Succulents in a Himmeli pyramid

If you're looking for a simple way to add interest to the succulents in your home, this Himmeli pyramid is the perfect project for you!

Start by cutting the brass tubes in half with a tubing cutter so they are 6″ long. (Need some help with cutting? This video is a helpful guide)

Once you have the brass tubes cut, cut a long piece of wire (at least 35″). String 5 of the tube pieces onto the wire. Place the tubes so all their ends touch with no loose wire between them. Create a triangle with 3 of the pieces (including one of the end pieces) and wrap the wire around itself to secure the triangle.

Create a second and third triangle out of the other pieces of tubing. Thread the wire through the pipes, secure it, and trim off any excess before placing over your succulents!

Cold hardy succulent rock garden

While I love planting in traditional pots, I love planting in more unique containers as well. This succulent rock garden is a great way to make a statement in a small space. This really is a great option for college students or anyone living in a small space.

Fill your planter with 1/4″ rock  like Monto Clay. It absorbs water and drains well. It's also a very similar color to the rock so you don't need to use a top dressing to finish things off.

You could add cold hardy succulents so you can leave them outdoors year round, although they would also look great indoors planted with a Haworthia or something that tolerates low light.

This mini garden tool set  works well for sliding soil into hard to reach places. Make sure everything is packed in tight, brush off any stray soil or dead leaves and you're good to go!

Succulent Easter Decorations

These simple Easter decorations will take 5 minutes or less each to create! Use items from around your home, such as a mini trifle dishceramic plate, and egg tray!

Use a little moss, your favorite Sedums and Sempervivums, and any other accents you want. It's so simple, but I love how it looks like a little fairy garden! Now all it needs are some fairies and mushrooms!

Succulent Pumpkin Centerpieces

Succulents are so much fun to use with pumpkins!

For this look, cut off the top of a craft pumpkin and drill holes in the bottom. Fill it with well draining soil and succulents just like you would any pot or planter.

This arrangement can last for months! Plus, you could also spray paint the pumpkin white or gold to keep it around for Christmas and New Year too!

A more traditional approach for succulent pumpkins is to glue moss and succulent cuttings to the top. You can see a full tutorial on how to make these by clicking here.

Another fun way to decorate pumpkins with succulents is by creating succulent “families”!

If you have some leftover leaves from creating other projects, you can create beautiful pumpkin flowers!

Fall decoration ideas

Succulents can be just as much a part of your Fall holiday decor as they are in the spring and summer!

Thanksgiving centerpieces add so much to a holiday table. What could be better than a succulent filled cornucopia? Fill your cornucopia with spaghnum moss (hint: soak the moss in water – it makes it much easier to work with!).

Nestle your succulent cuttings into the sphagnum moss, starting at the bottom. Place the larger succulents at the top. Add in the other fall decor items as you'd like.

Make your house really stand out with these monogrammed pumpkins!

Once you have the outline covered with succulents, cover the rest of the pumpkin. For this pumpkin I decided to use some cold hardy Sedums and Sempervivums so they would survive outside if it happened to freeze several nights in a row.

Succulent Advent Calendar

Do something different this year and use succulents for your advent calendar! Add succulent plugs to mini tin pails. Most will fit perfectly without adding any extra soil, although you may need to add soil to a few. Then, set the pails inside a wooden box.

For each day of advent, pull one of the pails out of the box and hang it on your tree. Since the handles on the pails are small, and many of the succulents fill the space below the handle, you can use jute to hang them.

Each day move one potted succulent and place it with your nativity or Christmas village.

What projects have you made?

I hope this gave you some inspiration for creating with your succulents all year long!