How to Grow Healthy Succulents Indoors

Growing succulents indoors can be a bit tricky. However, with these simple tips you’ll be able to better care for your indoor succulent collection.

Welcome! I am so excited to help you learn more about growing succulents indoors!

As cute as they are, they don’t always make the best indoor house plants. That said, if you love them as much as I do, you’ll grow them anyway! And you should!

With a little bit of information you’ll be able to keep your succulents growing happily indoors. Choosing succulents that prefer low lighting will make a big difference in the success of your indoor succulent garden. For example, Haworthias and Gasteraloes are two genus of succulents that do especially well indoors.

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Learn how to care for succulents indoors!
Graptopetalum paraguayense, Portulacaria afra variegata

For those of you with cold winters, bringing your succulents inside before it snows will actually be a good thing for them. Most succulents are dormant during the winter. They need a period of cold to help them produce better blooms in the spring and summer.

I’ll outline some tips below that will help your succulents stay as healthy as possible while they are living indoors. Some of these tips will seem familiar (see 5 Tips for Growing Succulents) but these will be directed specifically toward growing succulents inside.

6 Hours of Sunlight

When succulents are indoors it’s often hard for them to get enough sunlight. They generally about 6 hours a day.

You’ll want to keep your plants as close to the window as you can, but be careful not to let them get sunburned if the light from the window gets too hot. This tends to happen most with south facing windows (which tend to get the most light if you’re in the northern hemisphere).

I’ve kept my succulents in an east facing window, right up against the window, and they have done really well. If your succulents aren’t getting enough light they will start to stretch. Colorful Echeverias are especially prone to stretching indoors.

If there isn’t anywhere that gets brighter light (or more hours of light), don’t worry! After it get’s too stretchy for your taste, just cut off the top and propagate it! The bonus is that you’ll also get more plants :)

Don’t miss the most important two tips to keep your indoor succulents alive!

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186 Responses to How to Grow Healthy Succulents Indoors

    • They can be planted together, although smaller succulents tend to need more water, so make sure you are following the soak and dry method found here.

  1. Hello, Cassidy!
    Thanks for the great tips about growing succulents indoors… very inspiring. Someone gave me a beautiful agave plant a couple of years ago and, much to my surprise, it has survived 2 winters in my very dark brownstone. I keep it by a south facing window and don’t water it very much. It seems to be thriving… even putting out a little baby agave!

    Now I’m going to see if I can get my hands on some green crassulas.


  2. Do some succulents need to be outdoor to retain their colors and shape? I’m trying to grow a few succulents in front of my SW facing apartment window (they get bright light but are not in direct sunlight). The Echeveria Dusty Rose and Golden Sedum have lost their colors – they are shades of green now but were purple and golden, respectively, when I bought them. My echverias are also not maintaining their nice rosette shape. In order to get their color and shape back I wonder if I need to stress them out by moving them outside and put them under direct sunlight and watering them even less then I do now.

  3. Hi. By adequate sunlight, do you mean indirect? I place my succulents in my garden where they receive direct morning sunlight (around 6-8 am) and the rest is indirect. My gardener told me once to give sunlight, usually morning sunlight (until 10 am) but I’ve read that they work better on indirect sunlight. I am afraid of sunburning my succulents.

    • You are exactly right. Most succulents do best with indirect sunlight, but direct morning sun is ok as long as it doesn’t get too hot. If you gradually introduce them to direct sunlight, many succulents will do just fine.

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