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Get ready to

Master the Art of
Watering Succulents

and help them thrive!

Water is such a basic need. Yet too much (or too little) water is the number one way to kill a succulent.

If you are struggling with how often – and how much – to water your succulents, this easy-to-read digital guide will simplify your life.

In this book you'll learn:

  • The proper watering techniques, ensuring longevity

  • Which factors determine how often succulents need to be watered

  • How to recognize early warning signs that your succulent is over or under watered

  • How to water succulents in a pot without drainage

  • Fun ideas to make watering succulents easier

Most people have found after reading this ebook their succulents stay alive and grow healthier than ever before.

You'll receive instant access to this ebook so you can start improving your succulent watering skills right away!

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The goal of this ebook is to help you improve your succulent watering skills and grow healthy succulents. If you don't learn anything new or didn't like it… no problem! Just send me an email within 60 days and I'll issue a full refund. No questions asked.

If you're thinking, really? A whole book just on watering?

Then take it from someone who has killed way too many succulents… watering is a big deal!

Not only have I struggled with this myself, but I’ve interacted with thousands of other succulent lovers who can’t quite seem to get it right.

This book will help you understand how your succulents are communicating with you so you can help them look amazing!

Take a look inside!

What's going to be easier? Continuing to stress and worry about your succulents, hoping you're giving them the right amount of water?


Following the step-by-step instructions and advice in this ebook which has helped thousands of people keep their succulents alive and thriving?

Proper watering is the most important part of keeping your succulents alive. Let me help you get it just right.

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Hey, Cassidy Tuttle here…

Former professional photographer turned succulent addict. 🙂

My journey with succulents started years ago with a 3 tiny plants on a window sill. One year later I had propagated them and purchased more, totaling over 100 plants…

And I was Hooked (with a capital H).

But it wasn’t all glamorous. I struggled early on mostly because I couldn’t find any great resources to help me grow succulents where I lived (most information online is for growing them in “perfect” climates).

While I killed plenty of succulents in the beginning, I’ve also kept hundreds alive and thriving, and I wanted to teach others how to do the same!

So, I started sharing the basic of succulent growing with the world through my blog.

Now, 6 years later, I’ve helped thousands of people like yourself fall in love with these plants and understand how to grow beautiful succulents — in all kinds of climates.

Cassidy Tuttle Succulents and Sunshine Blog

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