Use Pot Feet for Succulent Container Gardens

If you haven't heard about pot feet, they just might be the best thing you can add to your succulent container gardens. Find out why they are so beneficial!

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Laura taught me that pot feet serve two major purposes. First off, they prevent your pot from staining the surface underneath them. I noticed some stains on my concrete last summer after moving some pots and it took months of rain and snow to get them off.

Most importantly though, pot feet allow for air flow under the container which allows the soil to dry out completely between watering. While you can control how much water your pot gets during the dry weeks, extended rain storms can easily fill a pot with water.

Without pot feet there isn't space under the pot to allow the water to drain out more quickly. The air flow under the pot also helps the soil to dry out better.

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I decided I needed to add pot feet under my pots of succulents. So, after doing some research, I decided to purchase a few different types of pot feet and see what I liked best. Here are the types I tried:

Laura recommends using this adjustable plant stand.

The great thing about the plant trolley (also called a dolly or caddy) is it allows you to move the pot easily without lifting. I decided to place this one under a larger shallow pot I have.

I've been indecisive about where to place this particular pot so I think the trolley is a great way to move it back and for until I commit. It is the most expensive option, but if you move your plants inside for the winter, this makes that process much easier.

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I like the stability of the Pot Toes, but they show quite a bit. I bought two colors and decided I liked the light grey because they blended in with the concrete better.

With this pot I decided to just use 3 “toes” and it seems quite stable. They recommend using 3 or 4.

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The invisible feet are my favorite. I like the fact that they are mostly “invisible”.

While they do raise the container off the ground (which is the point of using them…) they don't show beyond that. Well, maybe if you're like me and you sometimes chase a baby on all fours you might be able to see them.

I would definitely use 4 of these under each pot. 3 wasn't quite stable enough, especially for this tall pot.

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I also have quite a few planters on a wire rack. This allows for excellent air circulation and there is plenty of room for the water to flow out. At the moment this isn't the prettiest part of my garden, but it is functional and should help prevent the plants in these pots from rotting!

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Ultimately, with any succulent container garden you need somewhere for the water to flow out easily and for air to circulate so the soil can dry out. I think pot feet might be the best tip I've received with succulent gardening this year, so thank you Laura!

What do you think about using pot feet? Is it something you already use in your garden or will be adding soon?