10 Unexpected And Unique Birdhouses

Birdhouses don't have to be plain, simple, or boring. In fact, you might find that it's more fun to have a birdhouse in your yard if it has some extra pizzazz. Before you run to the store to pick up the first thing you see, get some inspiration from these unique birdhouses made from a variety of materials. Birds of all shapes and sizes will appreciate your efforts.

Log Cabin

Adobe Stock Pillerss log cabin style birdhouse hanging naturalPin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Pillerss.

What could be more woodsy than a little bird-sized cabin in the woods? This style of birdhouse could also work as a birdfeeder if the windows are large enough. As with any birdhouse, the size of the house will depend on the type of fowl you want to attract. Just make sure all the "logs" are secure to keep the birds cozy.

Recycled Materials

Adobe Stock Cynthia small bird in large recycled plastick container birdhouse greenPin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Cynthia.

Though you might typically think about using recycled wood as a birdhouse, other items can work as well. Here, a large plastic container is being used. Not only is this option low-cost, but it's more eco-friendly too. You can leave them plain, or decorate with non-toxic paint and decorations. Make sure to add enough ventilation and drainage.

Gourd Birdhouse

Adobe Stock J Omar Hansen gourd birdhouse with bird hanging outside uniquePin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / J Omar Hansen.

Gourds are a fun plant to grow in your garden even though they aren't typically eaten. Instead, you can use the shell as a birdhouse. Their naturally round and hollow shape makes an ideal space for birds. Just add a few drainage holes in addition to an opening. You can paint the exterior of the gourd or leave the natural coloring.

Ceramic Teapot

Adobe Stock Evelien colorful painted teapot birdhousesPin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Evelien.

Teapots come in all colors, shapes, and sizes and can be converted into a birdhouse with a little bit of drilling. These are quite decorative, but can also be practical for the birds. Make sure you drill holes in the bottom for drainage and securely mount them to a tree (rather than hanging) and you'll have a charming addition to your garden.


Adobe Stock Chiyacat house finches eating seeds from lighthouse birdfeederPin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Chiyacat.

Though this metal lighthouse is actually a birdfeeder, it's a great inspiration for a birdhouse as well. The wider space at the bottom can make a cozy shelter for your backyard birds. You could construct it out of a number of materials, but make sure to add drainage at the bottom and a large enough opening for your favorite birds.


Adobe Stock SpencerV17 church shaped birdhouse unique glass windows whitePin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / SpencerV17.

Do your local birds want to work on their spirituality? Or maybe they just enjoy beautiful artwork. Either way, creating a church-style birdhouse can be a fun way to decorate your garden and provide shelter for birds. Adding colored glass windows is a very unique accent that makes this church look more like the real thing.


Adobe Stock Cynthia red green schoolhouse birdhouse freestanding outsidePin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Cynthia.

Time for school! The early bird will definitely catch the worm after spending a night in this adorable schoolhouse. Bird school might be in session all year round with this fun themed home. All it needs is a clear entrance and a few drainage holes in the bottom to prevent flooding. This adorable design will brighten up your garden.

Hotel Style

Adobe Stock Takahashi lots of birdhouses lined up with many birds in themPin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Takahashi.

If one is good, more is better, right? Create a bird hotel by lining up multiple birdhouses altogether, or simply place several throughout your garden. Not all types of birds will like living so close together, but there are some that will! Make sure to design your houses just right and the birds will flock to your garden.

Living Roof

Adobe Stock Laufer wooden birdhouse with sempervivum succulent roof greenPin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Laufer.

Even a simple style birdhouse can be jazzed up a bit. Try creating a living roof with small succulents or other plants that tolerate growing in shallow soil. You just might end up with two types of hens and chicks (a nickname for the Sempervivum succulents shown here). Be sure to add a water barrier and plenty of drainage so the living space doesn't get damaged when the plants get watered.

Use License Plates

Adobe Stock Anthony birdhouse made with old license plates hanging from a treePin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Anthony.

If you want to make a really unique birdhouse, try using recycled license plates. You'll need a few specific tools to get the job done, but the shiny metal may attract more birds. It'll definitely be a conversation starter when friends come to visit.

Barn Style

Adobe Stock Brandt Bolding barn style birdhouse red sparrow flying uniquePin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Brandt Bolding.

Many birds take shelter in bards, so why not create one specifically for them? You could opt for the classic red barn with white trim, or go wild with the colors. There are plenty of ways to add country charm to this style of birdhouse, including a miniature hay loft or silo. You might even consider adding a feeding trough on the outside for birdseed.

Wine Corks

Adobe Stock Folga birdhouse made from wine bottle corks hanging in pine treePin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Folga.

One cork on its own won't do much for the birds, but decorating a birdhouse with them is definitely unique. You can start with a traditional birdhouse or use sheet metal to create a shape of your own. The corks could be oriented horizontally for a log-cabin look, or on their end like this one for a different aesthetic. You'll need a lot of corks to make it complete, but you can enjoy watching the birds while you build up your collection.

Painted Patterns

Adobe Stock Media Whale Stock custom painted unique designs intricate birdhouses vintagePin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Media Whale Stock.

Even a traditional birdhouse style can be one-of-a-kind with a little bit of paint and a fun design. Pick out colors and styles that match your home, or go for something a bit more eccentric that you like, but can't quite commit to on a grander scale. There are a million options and directions you can go, so just have fun! You can always repaint it down the road and try something new.

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