No Green Thumb Needed! These Succulents Are Easy for Anyone To Keep Alive Inside

We've all seen gorgeous indoor plants on social media and have had people tell us that it's not a big deal, plants are easy to grow. But effortless plant care isn't something that comes naturally to most people. If you're not great at remembering to take care of things, the succulents in this list will be perfect for you!

Zebra Plant

haworthiopsis fasciata zebra plant in blue potPin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

This the number one, go-to succulent for succulent growers that want something easy. Haworthiopsis fasciata, aka Zebra Plant, is a very low maintenance plant. It doesn't require very much light or water to grow happily on your window sill or even your desk at work with occasional watering. Plus, it's fun to rub your fingers along the white ridges to help you ground or de-stress.

Snake Plant

Sansevieria trifasciata snake plant mother in lawPin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

Apparently there's an animal theme to these plants so far, but Sansevieria trifasciata is a great option for indoor plant lovers. Whether it's a small specimen like this one or 3-foot tall, Snake plant grows with very little effort or input inside. It does need to be watered semi-frequently if you want it to keep getting larger. But if you end up only watering once a month it will stay looking great too.

Gasteria 'Little Warty'

gasteria little warty rock planterPin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

A bit rough and rugged, Gasteria 'Little Warty' is an exceptional option for those looking for a happy low-maintenance indoor succulent. Place it near a window and water whenever you remember (as long as it's not more than every other week) and this succulent will keep on keeping on.

Crassula ovata 'Gollum'

winter color gollum jadePin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

There's really nothing creepy about Gollum Jade. It's one of the more unusual looking succulents that will grow nicely indoors. Be sure to keep it on the dry side and place it in a sunny area and it will tell you when it needs more water. The tubular leaves will start to shrivel a bit and then you'll know it's time to give it a good soak. The leaves will be a deeper green when it's inside but if you can give it enough light you might get a red tinge on the edge of the leaves.

Mammillaria elongata

mammillaria elongata copper king ladyfinger cactusPin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

While most easy indoor growers are green, this prickly little cactus will provide some color variety to your indoor garden while still being low maintenance. This 'Copper King' cactus has a nice golden tinge to its spines and stays quite small and compact, making it a great window sill or desk plant. Give it as much light as you can while watering infrequently and it won't stretch out too much.

Haworthiopsis reinwardtii

haworthiopsis reinwardtii succulent in red potPin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

We don't have an easy remember name for this plant, and frankly Haworthiopsis reinwardtii is quite a mouthful, but this is a very low maintenance succulent for indoor growing. It's cute, chubby stacked leaves come to a sharp point but they won't hurt you. It's much more compact than its Zebra Plant cousin too. This is a really great option for a very small space that you need to bring some life into but only want to water every once in a while.

Aloe juvenna

aloe juvenna tiger tooth blue potPin
Photo Credit: Succulents and Sunshine.

Continuing with the animal theme from the beginning, Tiger Tooth Aloe is another great low-key indoor succulent. The hooks on the leaves look intense but are actually quite malleable. You'll frequently find this succulent in small clusters rather than just one plant. Give it whatever light is available and water deeply about once a month and it should be a happy camper in your home.

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This article originally appeared on Succulents and Sunshine.