How to Maintain a Succulent Wreath

Succulent wreaths will become overgrown and lose their compact form over time. Learn how to take them back to their original form!

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Some of you will remember the succulent wreath I made early last year. I’ve since had some questions on what to do with the wreath after it has grown for a while. I also have a post about caring for a succulent wreath, but this will cover how to update or maintain the wreath once it gets a little over grown.

Learn what to do when your succulent wreath is overgrown

Last year I also made a wreath that we ended up giving to my sister-in-law. I didn’t get around to doing a post about it so I thought it would be perfect to use here! We visited them in July and I was able to trim the wreath for her and put it all back together. It was a lot of fun and the wreath is doing really well! So, first off, here is the wreath just after I made it:

Succulent Wreath - Succulents and Sunshine

Detail of cuttings in a succulent wreath - Succulents and Sunshine

They live in an area of California that is perfect for succulents: not too hot, not too cold. The wreath is in a shaded area so it gets some indirect light throughout the day. It did get a little stretched out and some of the plants don’t have as much color (most brightly colored succulents require a lot of light to maintain color), but it still has grown really well! So, after a year of growing, here is what the wreath looked like:

Over grown succulent wreath - Succulents and Sunshine

To water the wreath, my sister-in-law would leave the wreath on her grass for a couple days and let the sprinklers soak it. I have done the same thing with my wreath and it works really well! The wreath did accumulate some cobwebs and a little bit of mealybug damage, but all fixable.

Stretched out succulent growth with a bug infestation - Succulents and Sunshine

And now, for the steps for updating the wreath! Start by soaking the wreath with water. It’s always easier to work with sphagnum moss when it’s wet. If you spray the wreath with a hose that can help remove some of the cobwebs and bugs on the plants. To get rid of mealybugs you’ll need to spray alcohol on the infected areas to kill them. I’d also recommend pouring some alcohol on the wreath form itself to kill anything that might be hiding in the roots.

Soak the wreath form before working with the wreath - Succulents and Sunshine

Next, start cutting off the succulents. Leave about an inch or so of stem still in the wreath. Depending on how long it’s been since you originally planted the wreath it’s very likely these stems will put off new rosettes! This will help the wreath to look even more full in months to come. If possible, leave some of the lower leaves still attached to the stems. They are more likely to grow new rosettes there. You’ll also want to leave a relatively long stem on the cutting. This will make it easier to re-insert the cutting into the wreath later on.

Clip off succulents and leave about one inch of stem - Succulents and Sunshine

If some of the plants are still low and close to the wreath you can leave them there rather than cutting them off.

Place succulent cuttings back in the wreath form - Succulents and Sunshine

Wait a day or two for the cuttings to dry. If you put them in while they are freshly cut you’ll risk them rotting. Once they are dry, soak your wreath again. Use the cuttings to put the wreath together again just as if you were making a new wreath! I decided to mix up the cuttings rather than put them back where they were originally.

As the wreath grows, and hopefully new rosettes form on the original stems, it will be fun to see the variety of plants! Below you can see the random stems showing in between the succulent cuttings. They are hardly noticeable unless you’re looking really closely at the wreath. The stems with leaves on them still also blend in really well and continue to give the wreath color and texture.

Detail shot of succulent wreath with stems showing - Succulents and Sunshine

Leave the leaves on stems if possible to promote new growth - Succulents and Sunshine

The awesome thing about being able to maintain a succulent wreath like this is that each year the wreath will get more and more full! Plus, it can stay looking beautiful for years! If you wanted, you could even add new cuttings each year to add more variety. I have to say, succulent wreaths are so fun!

Newly trimmed and replanted succulent wreath - Succulents and Sunshine

Succulent Wreath before and after - Succulents and Sunhsine

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