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We had a great time decorating the small pumpkins that come out around Thanksgiving.

But have a question about gluing. We used hot glue and covered the bottom of stem, before sticking into moss. Should we have avoided the very bottom of the stem or will it still survive?


Glad you made some succulent pumpkins! I loved creating my pumpkin centerpieces.

Hot glue is actually fine to use on succulents. It does burn it just a tad on the spot where the glue is, but the rest of the plant isn’t affected. With the bottom of the stem covered in hot glue, there are still places for new roots to form: at the leaf nodes (where the leaves attach to the stem) and still at the base of the stem!

While it is more difficult than before, your succulents may still put off roots at the end of the stem which will either push the hot glue off as they grow, or just push up around it.

Crazy! But it can happen. Either way, your succulents will still grow just fine.

In the future, if you’re worried about using hot glue on your succulents, you can also try¬†floral glue!

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