10 Stunning Dried Flowers To Add Beauty To Your Home

Keeping fresh flowers in your home can get expensive and they often end up dying or not looking good after a few days. Some flowers can easily be dried and preserved, so you can have beautiful flowers in your home without any upkeep. The flowers in this list are easy to find and preserve well.


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Roses are a popular cut flower to give a loved one or someone special. They come in a wide variety of colors and are appropriate for nearly every occasion. Even though the leaves are delicate, they dry very easily and will last a long time. Their timeless beauty is easily preserved for years.


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Although Orchids are typically gifted as fully rooted plants, their flowers can be dried and preserved to create a unique memento. In addition to air drying, orchids can also be preserved using silica gel, or even submerged in epoxy. They come in a variety of colors and intricate shapes, so they'll definitely become a point of interest in your home.


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The light and papery petals of Statice flowers are vibrant colors and can be preserved extremely easily. You'll find them in a wide range of colors including pink, purple, yellow, and blue. If you're new to drying flowers, these are a great option to start with.

Baby's Breath

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Gypsophila, or Baby's Breath, is a flower commonly used in arrangements as an accent or filler between larger flowers. It has tiny, white clusters of flowers on long branches and stems. These flowers are easily preserved by drying. Simply cut the stems and hang them upside-down in a dry and dark location. They easily maintain their shape and work well for floral decorations and crafts.


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Lavender is known for its fragrant purple flowers that have a calming effect. This flower preserves well and can be used ornamentally as well as for aromatic and therapeutic purposes. Cut a small bunch of flowers and tie them together. Then hang them upside-down in a well-ventilated area. Once they're dried, Lavender flowers retain their fragrance and can be used in a variety of ways.

Globe Amaranth

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If you're looking for a brightly colored flower that dries well, Globe Amaranth is a great option. These long-lasting flowers have a papery texture that preserves well. Craft projects and floral decor are a great way to show off these stunning flowers for a long time. The texture provides a nice contrast to other dried flowers.


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These friendly-looking yellow flowers are great for drying and preserving. They're commonly called Strawflowers, though there are several species of flower that go by the same nickname. You're mostly likely to find them in bright yellow, but orange and pink are options as well. These easily maintain their shape when dried and work well for creating dried floral bouquets.


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Though not a flower, Eucalyptus leaves are a very popular choice for dried greenery. They have a fresh fragrance and unique appearance. The gray-green leaves dry easily and will maintain their shape. You can use the branches to create wreaths for decoration, or for creating potpourri or scented sachets.


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A great dried flower to combine with Lavender is Celosia, also known as Cockscomb. This plant has long springs of bright pink, orange, or yellow flowers that maintain their shape and color when dried. Similar to other flowers, you can dry these by cutting off a group of stems and hanging them upside-down in a dry area with ventilation. They work well for dried floral arrangements and craft projects.


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Daisies are classic flowers known for their white petals and vibrant yellow centers, though they do come in other colors as well. You'll find them in a variety of sizes, so they can be used in arrangements large or small. Daisy flowers are a symbol of purity and innocence and are universally liked flowers. You can easily preserve them to use in crafts, dried flower arrangements, and decor.

Butterflies Can't Resist These Flowering Plants

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Margaret Burlingham.

Watching butterflies around your garden is a great way to relax and unwind. Encouraging these beautiful insects to come into your yard is as simple as growing plants they're attracted to. While nearly any flowering plant will bring butterflies into your garden, the plants in this list are tried-and-true butterfly favorites.

12 Popular Plants to Absolutely Avoid Growing In Your Garden

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While gardening can be fun, make sure you avoid the plants on this list unless you want a headache. Some plants can become quite invasive and others have roots that can destroy the foundation of your house or break up sidewalks. Keep these plants out of your garden and you're on your way to a more pleasant and low-maintenance gardening experience.

Gorgeous, Self-Seeding Flowers You'll Only Have to Plant Once

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Growing flowers from seeds is an inexpensive and great way to grow annuals (plants that only live for one year). However, just because you plant them once doesn't mean you'll have to re-plant them each. Some plants self-seed quite easily and will come back year after year with very little effort on your part. Many of these flowers also attract pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, to your garden.

The Worst Gardening Mistakes Beginners Make Regularly

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Pressmaster.

Gardening is a lot of fun but can also be quite overwhelming if you're just starting out. Naturally, new gardeners often learn from what they see more experienced growers doing. Sometimes this can lead to mistakes as beginners don't have the same knowledge and experience. These mistakes can be avoidable, but you have to know what to look for.

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