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If you’re in the Phoenix area, you won’t want to miss the Desert Botanical Garden! You’ll find acres of beautiful succulents and cacti that are sure to inspire you!

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One of my favorite succulent and cactus gardens to visit is the Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona. It is full of inspiring succulent and cactus displays that are low maintenance and drought friendly.

Today’s post is going to be more photos than text, but I promise it won’t disappoint! Hopefully these photos will help you start to see the beauty of cacti (if you don’t already).

Variegated Agave at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix with text overlay

The Desert Botanical Garden is filled with thousands of species of plants that showoff how plant life can actually survive in a harsh climate. The heat of summer does take its toll, but these amazing plants can handle it!

Queen Victoria Agave detail from the Desert Botanical Garden

Mosaic Aloe at the Desert Botanical Garden

Complementary colors on a cactus at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix

Violet flowers on an Opuntia at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix

You’ll find traditional water-wise plants and succulents, along with some unusual specimens that are sure to catch your eye. Everywhere you look there’s something stunning to be seen!

Myrtillocactus geometrizans cristata monstrose at Desert Botanical Garden-2

Dinosaur back cactus at the Desert Botanical Garden

Myrtillocactus detail with blues, purples and greens at the Desert Botanical Garden

A great thing about being at the Desert Botanical Garden in early spring is many of the aloe and cacti are in bloom!

Aloes in bloom at the Desert Botanical Garden in front of a mosaic wall

You may even see some wildlife enjoying the cacti! In the spring, the Desert Botanical Garden has a fun butterfly exhibit where you can see a wide variety of butterflies enjoying the desert landscape.

White butterfly on a cactus at the Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona

I don’t think most succulent flowers are particularly attractive, but these cacti flowers were amazing! It would have been awesome to see them in full bloom, but even just these few were impressive.

I love that this Opuntia violacea Santa Rita flower is exactly complementary to the purple hues of the cactus.

Succulent leaves with new growth and text grow your own succulent babies from leaves

The purple hues with the yellow flower on this Opuntia violacea Santa Rita are beautiful!

Gorgeous cactus flowers just opening up at Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix

Ever since visiting Patrick Anderson’s garden I have loved the idea of blocks of colorful cement as an accent. The Desert Botanical Garden has just that!

These huge terra cotta colored arches were beautiful. The color is perfect, subtle enough to add beauty to the garden but contrast enough to make a statement.

Cement arches used to accent the cactus garden at Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix

Stunning mosaic wall at the Desert Botanical Garden with Agave and barrel cactus

No matter what time of year you go, there’s always something putting on a show with incredible textures and colors.

Sticks on Fire a the Desert Botanical Garden

Spiraling Cactus detail at the Desert Botanical Garden

Agave spine detail at the Desert Botanical Garden

Gasteria leaves with a reddish background at Desert Botanical Garden

Variegated Agave at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix

You’ve only seen a fraction of the incredible cacti at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, so be sure to stop by yourself sometime!

And… if looking at cactus sounds better to you than having them in your garden, one of my all time favorite cactus themed products is this cactus catch-all tray from Dalla Vita.

This cactus catch all tray works well to collect cuttings and leaves as your are pruning your succulents

It’s perfect for collecting leaves to propagate! Or you can use it for something more normal like keeping earrings, rings and other jewelry.

I’m totally hooked on cactus products right now, and even put together a wishlist of items I’ve had my eye on for a while. There’s a few that may surprise you!


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