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While in California, I had the opportunity to go on a tour of Patrick Anderson’s garden thanks to Laura Balaoro of the Succulent Fanatics Facebook Group and Debra Lee Baldwin. His garden is in Fallbrook up on a hill and is absolutely beautiful! It was such a pleasure to go and just enjoy the beautiful succulents. Similar to the tour I took of Jeanne Meadow’s garden, this will be a two part series. I just couldn’t decide which photos to keep since the whole garden is so amazing! So, enjoy these photos and then look forward to the detail shots too!

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I don’t have much more to say about the garden so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves! First pictures of people in the garden… then the garden itself…

The wonderful Laura and Debra

Laura Balaoro and Debra Lee Baldwin - Succulents and Sunshine

My Boys

Kevin and Henry in Particks Garden - Succulents and Sunshine

Kevin Henry and the Dog at Patricks Garden

The Succulent Fanatics who we able to go on the tour (Patrick, the owner, is there in the orange and blue)

Succulent Fanatics in Patricks Garden - Succulents and Sunshine

Me and the Boy (and yes, I planned to match)

Cassidy and Henry in Patrick's Garden - Succulents and Sunshine

And now for the garden!

Large Agave Succulents - Succulents and Sunshine

Patrick Anderson's Garden - Succulents and Sunshine

Red Aloe in teal pot - Succulents and Sunshine

Yellow Patio with Succulents - Succulents and Sunshine

Large succulent tree by a walkway - Succulents and Sunshine

I loved this wall of color mixed in the garden. So unique! There were actually two of them. I’ll have another post with more detail shots and you’ll see a royal blue wall too!

Succulent garden with a blue wall - Succulents and Sunshine

Garden stairs lined with succulents - Succulents and Sunshine

And some around the beautiful yellow house…

Graptosedum 'California Sunset' with text overlay - Perfect your succulent watering skills

Succulent Arrangement on Wood - Succulents and Sunshine

Yellow Patio with Tables and Chairs - Succulents and Sunshine

Bright green succulents near a yellow wall - Succulents and Sunshine

Bright yellow home - Succulents and Sunshine

And then just some more…

Pool surrounded by succulents - Succulents and Sunshine

Stunning garden path - Succulents and Sunshine

Smooth Agave - Succulents and Sunshine

This was the entry way. This dog was so cute! He just stared at me the whole time I took pictures.

Dog watching patiently - Succulents and Sunshine

Aloe and Aeonium Entry - Succulents and Sunshine

Cactus and Succulent Entry - Succulents and Sunshine

What do you think? Doesn’t this just give you succulent envy? It was so different than Jeanne Meadow’s garden that I toured last year, but so so beautiful! Plus, don’t forget that there will be a post of more detail shots too!


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