Propagating Succulents

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Propagating Succulents the eBook Banner

I recently published an eBook all about propagating succulents! It covers in depth how to propagate from leaves and from cuttings. Click here for more information and to purchase the book.

How to Propagate Succulents from Leaves

When I was researching succulents I kept reading how easy they were to take care of and how easy they were to propagate.While I’m sure they are much easier to propagate than a number of plants, doing so in the Utah climate has proved to be a bit of a challenge for me. It it totally doable though! In this post I’ll show you how I’ve learned to propagate succulents from leaves. These tips may not apply to every climate but this is what has worked for me and should be similar for other climates. Read more →

Propagating Succulents from Leaves Part 2

I have a sad story to tell. Just over two weeks ago I went to Arizona for a week. I had moved all my succulents outside now that the weather is getting warm. This should have been fine except all the succulent leaves that I was propagating were in the direct sunlight, which I didn’t realize. Sadly, all of the cute little succulents that had started growing died. Those beautiful pink roots turned nasty, shriveled and black. Lesson learned! Don’t put succulent starts outside until they are large enough to grow and be treated like a regular plant! Read more →

New Growth from Succulent Propagation

I wanted to show you how much the succulent cuttings I started just two weeks ago have grown! I’m super excited they grew so quickly. They took longer the first time and I’m thinking it was because it was colder, but that is just a guess. These I will be keeping in for a few more weeks (maybe even until the end of the summer) so they don’t die on me. You’ll notice not all of them grew and some rotted up. That is normal.  Read more →

Succulent Leaf Cuttings Update

A while back I posted an update on how my succulent leaf propagation was going. I decided they are big enough that it is time for another update! As I mentioned in my original post on succulent propagation, there is always some loss. Read more →