Succulent Leaf Propagation — Week by Week

Propagating succulents from leaves is the thing that took my life from being a succulent admirer to a full on addict. Seriously! What could be more fun than watching little baby plants grow from seemingly nothing?!

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To help you even further, start by downloading my free cheat sheet to see what problems you might face while propagating succulents from leaves and how to fix them. Click here to grab that that, it'll be super helpful.

We'll help keep you consistent with watering and help you out along the journey to lots of new plants! If you don't have succulents of your own to propagate from leaves, don't worry.

You have some options:

  • Ask a friend if you can have some leaves from their succulent
  • Buy an easy to propagate succulent or two at your local Lowes, Home Depot, or Walmart and look for other succulents that have dropped some leaves (snag those and add them to the plant you buy)
  • Buy as set of leaves from The Succulent Source to propagate (it's a fun mystery to see what leaves you'll get!)

Below you'll see pictures of how my leaves are growing. I'm hoping these will motivate you to give it a try. It's sooooo much fun!

Outdoor Leaf Propagation

These are watered a minimum of 3 times per week. They are outside in temperatures between 38°F and 80°F.