Finding succulents for sale online, especially colorful varieties, can be hard to do. This post will help you find great sources for the succulents on your wishlist!

I’ve purchased quite a few succulents so I thought I’d share some of my findings with you! Buying succulents can be a lot of fun, but depending on where you live it can be hard to find them.

Fortunately with their rising popularity I’m finding that many more nurseries are starting to carry them. If you are in California, or an area that is warm for the majority of the year, it should be pretty easy to find a nearby nursery that sells succulents.

Colder areas are starting to carry succulents as well, however, the availability and quality vary greatly depending on the time of year.

But, the great thing is…

There are tons of succulents for sale online!

And these online sellers are fantastic too! Below you'll find some of my favorite places to buy succulents online.

Mountain Crest Gardens

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Sempervivum variety — Click here to buy

My all time favorite place to buy succulents online is Mountain Crest Gardens. I may be a little biased because they sell a huge selection of cold hardy succulents and that's the only thing I can grow year round outdoors. However, they also have a great selection of tender succulents as well.

My favorite thing from Mountain Crest is their wholesale succulents. Anyone can buy them and they are such a great price! If you don't mind getting a mixed variety instead of specific plants you pick out, this is definitely the way to go.

They also have a fun monthly succulent subscription where you receive 4 unique plants each month. There is so much variety from month to month you'll end up with a diverse collection of succulents!

Click here to buy from Mountain Crest Gardens!
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Succulents: Sempervivums and Sedums — Click here to buy // Pottery: Local Purchase

Leaf and Clay

Another amazing source for succulents is Leaf and Clay. They always have a great collection of succulents and cacti available and frequently stock a limited number of rare succulent varieties. If you're looking for something new or unusual, this is the shop for you!

Leaf and Clay is a great place to buy unusual and rare succulents onlinePinAstrophytum ornatum ‘Star Cactus', Cereus forbesii montrose ‘Ming Thing', Astrophytum ‘Bishop's Cap' — Click here to purchase from Leaf and Clay

Click here to purchase from Leaf and Clay!

The Succulent Source

Another great place to purchase succulents online is from The Succulent Source. The Succulent Source has high quality plants that are sure to live up to your standards.

You can get a variety of different packages from them including flats of succulents that work well for wedding favors, succulent cuttings, a succulent of the month club, and more!

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A variety of succulent cuttings — Click here to purchase from The Succulent Source

Their cuttings are designed to be used in bouquets, boutonnieres and other fun projects, but they'll work for just about anything!

The Succulent of the Month Club has been one of my favorite things they offer. 5 new succulents each month and it's a great surprise!

Click here to purchase from The Succulent Source

Succulent Gardens

Another great place to get cuttings is from Succulent Gardens. They also have a wide variety of DIY planters that you can fill! You'll love their selection of projects!

Click here to purchase from Succulent Gardens!

Other Online Options

I've also discovered a wealth of succulents for sale online at! Check out the selection that Succulent Beauties and Succulent Babies carry.

A few of my other favorite online shops include The Succulent Garden (a wide variety of bare root plants) and Altman Plants (good for more rare varieties).

You can also buy complete arrangements online too! I highly recommend I Dream of Succulents and Vertical Flora.

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Echeveria ‘Blue Curls'

Local Nurseries

If you don't want to purchase succulents online, call around (or stop by) your local nurseries. I found that with the rise in popularity, more nurseries are carrying succulents on a regular basis.

If your local nursery doesn’t carry succulents, you can also check Lowes and Home Depot. I’ve found a surprisingly good selection there and the prices aren’t too bad.

Generally they cost about $3-4 for a small pot. I’ve heard people say these are generally dying or diseased, but the few I’ve purchased here have been great so far and they are going on a year now.

Not located in the US? Our Facebook Group has members from all over the world who can give local recommendations!

I would love to know where you all buy most of your succulents! Also, check out my post about what to look for when buying succulents!

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Kalanchoe luciae | Click here to purchase