These 10 Baby Birds Are Incredibly Ugly

When you think of baby animals, you almost always think of something soft, cuddly, and super cute. But not all baby animals are adorable, and these baby birds certainly aren't. Some of them will grow up to be more attractive fowl, but even then, some never get to a point of winning in the good-looks category.

Bald Eagles

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Blanchard Image.

It takes quite some time for the United States' national bird to look regal and majestic. Bald Eagle chicks are born with a light gray down. Over the course of several months they'll get a mix of white and brown feathers, though the transition is quite awkward and the birds look a bit dishevled for months. Relative to the rest of their size, the beak and talons on these juvenile birds are quite large and disproportionate. Eventually these do develop into the striking birds you know and love.

Marabou Stork

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Photo Credit: Unlimphotos / Photocreo.

It's unlikely anyone would say that these storks are attractive, whether as chicks or as adults. With bald, bumpy heads and reddish, wrinkled skin, they seem to resemble dinosaurs rather than other fowl. The spotted, featherless babies certainly wouldn't win any cuteness awards. Their bodies are quite unusually shaped and oddly proportioned. Eventually, the main part of the body will be covered with large dark feathers, but they'll maintain a large red pouch hanging from their neck.


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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Reimar.

Robins are an iconic bird, typically considered to be good-looking with a brown back and red breast. Their chicks are a different story. They are born completely naked with a visibly bright pink skin tone due to the lack of feathers. For the first few days their eyes are sealed shut, though they are disproportionately large. Feathers start to grow on these unattractive babies within about a week and they begin to look more like their parents.


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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Helen.

Vultures are already unusual looking birds, and their chicks are as well. They're born with a bald head and a very little bit of white down. Looking nearly naked, these juvenile birds have awkwardly shaped bodies with wrinkled skin. Vulture chicks also have large hooked beaks which will serve them as adults, but seem out of place on tiny birds. Over time they'll start to gain more feathers but the heads will stay featherless. This allows vultures to keep their heads clean while eating carcasses.

Muscovy Ducks

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Jub Jub Photography.

Maybe these aren't super ugly to look at, but Muscovy Ducklings have a very awkward waddle. Their unusual gait is due to disproportionately large feet and very short legs. While yellow and brown aren't terrible colors, these markings are quite bland compared to other ducklings. These colors help them blend into their surroundings and keep them safe from predators. As they age, Muscovy ducklins will completely transform and end up with unique markings and mostly white and black feathers.

Brown Pelicans

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Rejean.

Large bills, bulging eyes, tiny feathers, and unusual proportions make Brown Pelican chicks quite an ugly sight. They have fluffy white bodies that look more like they're covered in fur than feathers. It takes some time for them to develop more striking feathers and become more graceful as they fly. While maybe not as attractive as other birds, adult pelicans are definitely easier on the eys than their babies.


Adobe Stock Bimserd baby condor chick ugly black white birdPin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Bimserd.

If you think adult Condors are a bit scary, then you'll be scared away by their chicks too. Baby Condors have a bald head with straggly hair-like feathers on their neck and body. Over time they'll develop glossy black feathers on their backs, but the transition is not smooth. The bald head helps them stay clean while scavaging for food, but it definitely doesn't help them win any awards for beauty.


Adobe Stock Ondreicka great horned owl ugly chick baby birdPin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Ondreicka.

Baby owls have quite a peculiar appearance after they hatch. They're almost completely bald and only have a small amount of fluffy down. Their pinkish skin is easily visible and bare. But most notably, their eyes are huge, incredibly disproportionate to the rest of their body. They also have large beaks on their tiny faces. They'll continue to grow and rapidly gain feathers though, so it won't take too long for their bodies to catch up with their large head and feet.

Magnificent Frigatebird

Adobe Stock Misha Martin juvenile chick baby magnificent frigate bird ugly nestPin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Misha Martin.

There's not much that's magnificent about Magnificen Frigatebird chicks. With an unusually long beak, fluffy body, and bald head they're quite odd-looking. Fortunately they will start growing full feathers fairly quickly. As adults, they're known for their striking silhouette and impressive aerial acrobatics. It just takes time for them to make the transformation.

African Jacana

Adobe Stock Dennis Donohue baby african jacana in river ugly long legs chickPin
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock / Dennis Donohue.

Their long legs and long toes may help them to stay afloat, but they sure look a bit weird. African Jacana chicks have scruffy brown feathers and unusual proportions, but they're able to stay safe as they run around their wetland habitat. Adult birds have beautiful, sleek feathers with white and black on their heads and chestnut on the rest of their body. They do eventually look better proportioned, but still have long legs and toes to help them navigate their environment.

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