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Echeveria laui

This beautiful grey-white succulent has robust, smooth, oval leaves covered in a thick farina. When it gets plenty of sun, the edges of its leaves turn pink. It is a very slow-growing succulent, and prized by collectors. Watch for yellow flowers in the summer or fall.

Quick Look:

  • Full sun to partial shade

  • Typical water needs for a succulent. Be careful not to over-water to avoid pests and root rot.

  • Rosette grows up to 6″ (15 cm) tall
    Rosette grows up to 5″ (12.5 cm) wide

  • Zone 10 (Minimum 30° F | -1.1° C)

  • Not cold hardy

  • Propagation by leaves, cuttings, and offsets

  • Generally non-toxic to humans and animals

  • Winter Dormant

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Care and Propagation Information

General Care for Echeveria laui

Echeveria laui grows happily in rock gardens, where it will clump and can form ground cover. It also does well in containers and arrangements.

If you live in Zone 10 or below, it's best to only plant this succulent in containers that can be brought indoors once it's cool enough for frost.

Be careful when moving or planting this succulent as touching the farina can rub it off, revealing the red leaves of the plant beneath.


Water Echeveria laui using the “soak and dry” method. Be sure that the soil is completely dry after watering to avoid root rot and pests. It is highly susceptible to root rot and damage.

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Where to Plant

Does well in container gardens and rock gardens.


Echeveria are susceptible to pests, including the dreaded mealy bug. Avoid over-watering, and treat any pests with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

How to Propagate Echeveria laui

Like most Echeverias, Echieveria laui can be propagated by leaves and cuttings. It's possible to propagate this succulent from seeds, but it can be difficult.


When taking an Echeveria laui leaf for propagation, gently twist the leaf from the stem. Be sure that the leaf you get is a “clean pull,” where no part of the leaf is left on the stem. This will give you a better chance of a successful propagation.

Allow the leaf to callous over for a day or two before placing it on well-draining soil.


To propagate Echeveria laui from cuttings, use a sharp, sterile knife or pair of scissors and cut a piece of the plant just above a leaf on the stem. Allow it to dry for a couple of days, and place in well-draining soil.