Taking indoor succulents outside for the summer

Learn how to successfully move your indoor succulents outside when the weather warms up! Indoor succulents will benefit from the outside air and extra sun!

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You may have noticed that often succulents growing outdoors seem to be healthier and prettier than those grown indoors. The two biggest reasons for this are more sunlight (which prevents stretching) and better airflow (allowing the roots to dry out more quickly).

I highly recommend that you bring your indoor succulents out for the summer, at least for a little while.

As you do so however, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Indoor succulents will benefit from being outdoors in the summer!

Ease them into the sunlight and heat

Since there is much more sunlight outdoors it’s very easy to burn your succulents with too much sunlight or too much heat. Start your succulents in an area that gets full shade and gradually move them into an area with more sunlight.

You’ll find that succulents that are more established with a strong root system will tolerate more light and more heat faster. On the other hand, newly planted containers will need to be kept in the shade longer. Try adding an hour or two of sunlight each week. Morning sun is cooler and is best for succulents.

Discover some great tips for moving your succulents outdoors for the summer

Make sure you know there is actually shade all day! I burned a bunch of plants when I moved mine out this year. I have a wire rack on the east side of my house to hold my succulents. The roof hangs over the area.

While I knew it got some morning sun, I didn’t realize it gets full sun until about 12:30 PM. This was way too much sun for some of my plants, others were ok. It was definitely too much for the leaves I was propagating.

Don't leave your succulent leaves out in direct sun or they'll burn!

So, learn from my mistake and keep them completely in the shade for a few days while they get used the extra light and warmer temperatures. I’ll make sure I follow my own advice next year to avoid this damage!

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26 Responses to Taking indoor succulents outside for the summer

  1. Is it ok if I keep my succulents inside overnight and during the evening but put them out for a few hours in the afternoon? I’m worried about leaving them out all the time because it likes to randomly rain where I live.

    • It’s best if they can get cooler sun (in the morning) to prevent burning. You should be fine to leave them outside all day, but make sure they are gradually introduced to the sun. I think the random rain is fine as long as you’re using well draining soil and follow my watering advice it shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Ahhh, I took my sempervivium outdoors for the day because I thought the sunshine would do good for it but when I brought her back in, the bottom leaves turned completely white! I think the sun was too intense :( Will the leaves recover? I feel so bad!

Let us know what you think!

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