This Incredible Small Garden Attracts Birds And Bees – See How You Can Do The Same

This small space succulent garden from Cindy Davison of The Succulent Perch is incredible! Her garden is small, practical, and well-designed, something anyone could achieve regardless of how big their garden space is. So often the succulent gardens you see are massive and require a dedicated gardener (or two, or three…) to maintain. But, you don't have to have a lot of space to have an amazing succulent garden. And as a bonus, birds and bees will be attracted to your garden, keeping it busy all year round.

Stunning Entrance

small space colorful succulent garden california birdbath mangave echeveria euphorbiaPin

The front of her house has beautiful beds overflowing with succulents. It's very inviting. Right off the bat, you start to see signs of Cindy's fascination with birds. Notice the birdbath full of succulents to add more height to the succulent display.

A Little Bit of Water

echeveria aloe sedum kalanchoe succulent arrangement next to water fountainPin

When you first enter the side yard you're greeted by this trickling fountain and terra cotta pot of succulents. You'll notice that contrasting colors are used throughout the garden. Here, reds and oranges are complimented with blues and greens.

I love how much thought goes into every part of Cindy's designs.

She is very aware of how colors work together, how to make the size of everything feel balanced and proportioned, and finishes off with perfect accents.

Succulents on the Wall

lush succulent tapestry wall hangingPin

She also created a beautiful hanging planter using corkboard and greening pins to attach the succulents and then filled in the rest of the space with sphagnum moss. The driftwood and large Echeveria ‘Saharas make for a stunning focal point.

Colorful Corner Protection

blue purple pink echeveria saharaPin

These big Echeveria 'Sahara' are near the corner of the raised boxes. This helps prevent garden goers from bumping into a sharp corner but also adds a lot of color to the garden.

Contained Growth

three small cactus varieties grouped in groundPin

These cacti are planted in pots and then placed in the ground to keep them small and contained. It's like having a small arrangement but with the pot hidden it blends in nicely with the surrounding landscape.

Raised Gardens

echeverias aeoniums planted along planter boxPin

The wood planter boxes are all surrounded by succulents. There's so much variation in height with the plants on the ground and in boxes, but everything still flows and feels cohesive.

Hidden Motifs

wood birdhouse in lemon tree with agave pottedPin

Really, everything about this garden is adorable.

She has included little hints of birds and butterflies everywhere, some large and obvious but some more subtle, like a treasure hunt.

Everything is Intentional

blue wood pail used to collect garden clippingsPin

And if all the birdhouses, bird baths, and miniatures aren't enough, she even has a cute “trash can” that doubles as decor. I've been on the lookout for something as fun as this wood pail, but haven't found anything yet.

Small, But Just Right

archway succulent garden echeveria milkweed plants for birds and beesPin

It's hard to really show you the scale of this garden, but it's not big. Two people can walk down the path at the same time, but there's not a lot of extra space.

I think that's one (of many) things that makes her garden resonate so well with me.

It's very simple and doable for anyone!

Those of us window sill and porch gardeners wouldn't need much more space to create something like this.

A Place for Cooking

chimenea in succulent gardenPin

I love the addition of the chimenea so you can enjoy a freshly cooked meal while sitting among your plants.

The plant choice for the garden definitely features succulents, but Cindy has also included plants that will attract birds, bees, and butterflies, like this milkweed. Though we didn't see any at the time, there were some Monarch cocoons hanging on nearby succulents.

Gorgeous Gravel

large echeveria sahara watch chain crassula muscosaPin

While the plants are stunning, and definitely the most exciting feature of the garden, I am also a bit obsessed with the way Cindy used gravel to add more visual interest throughout the garden.

She used three different sizes of gravel in the same color family. Larger right around the succulents, medium-sized just out from that, and then the majority was the size of coarse sand. It's like having a matted picture but in your garden.

Picture Perfect

decorations around air conditioner to make the area more attractivePin

Speaking of pictures… Cindy has a large photo hanging on the side of her house, just above the air conditioning unit. Rather than try to hide the unit she embraced it and decorated around it.

The large picture is so fun and makes the garden feel like an extension of the house.

She has also decorated the air conditioner with a succulent arrangement, just like you would a table inside!

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This article originally appeared on Succulents and Sunshine.