Sherman Gardens Succulent Tapestry and Courtyard

The Sherman Library and Gardens in California is a must visit. I mostly stayed in the succulent garden, but everything was so beautiful! My favorite part was their succulent tapestry.

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This part of the garden is perfectly planted with Senecio mandraliscae, and a variety of other succulents. It was amazing! I could have spent hours photographing the different plants. I did spend quite a while there and you'll likely see more photos from this tapestry in another Succulent Saturday. I love the way the succulents are divided with rocks. The blocks of different colors almost look like a rainbow. I loved it!

amazing sherman gardens succulent tapestryPin

If you're interested in creating a succulent tapestry of your own, amazingly you can actually plant something like this using cuttings. Laura Eubanks does tapestry installations and they are incredible! I was so interested when I heard she uses cuttings. Just stick them in the ground like you would a wreath form. If you place the succulents close together they don't grow as quickly and your tapestry will look great for months without needing to be trimmed back.

Also at the Sherman gardens was a pergola over a beautiful patio that was surrounded with containers of succulents. The whole place was quite magical!

beautiful succulents sherman gardenPin