Miniature Succulent Garden Ideas

If you're looking for a simple way to add interest to your succulent arrangement, try making a miniature succulent garden! Add a few decorations and voila!

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Last fall I planted some cold hardy succulents in a container on my parents porch (which originally just had the tree in it). It did amazingly well over the winter, even after being covered with a sheet of ice at one point.

This spring as I was cleaning out the leaves and a few plants that didn't survive, my mom thought it would be fun to turn it into a miniature garden and I agreed! It was so easy to do but really makes the arrangement more fun. I've since become hooked on the idea of miniature and fairy gardens and have another fun project planned.

minigarden pinnable templatePin

Mountain Crest Gardens was kind enough to provide me with a variety of Sedums and Sempervivums to plant last fall an you'll see them in the arrangements in this post. They have a great selection of high quality plants. Plus, they also have a selection of plants that are perfect for miniature succulent gardening!

It was close to Mother's day when this miniature garden idea hit, so I thought it would be fun to add a few things to the succulent arrangement that were reminiscent of things in my mom's childhood. I did some searching on Amazon and found this adorable miniature croquet set and knew it was perfect. My mom's family loves playing croquet and we frequently play at my grandparents house. Of course the miniature garden also needed a seating area (so someone could watch the croquet game) so I decided to go with this twig love seat. My grandma is very talented with wood working and it reminded me of her.

I wanted to keep the miniature succulent garden pretty simple so I decided to start with those two items and see how it looked. Here is what the planter looked like last fall:

sempervivums mini succulent garden planterPin

I planted the succulents spaced apart because I wanted to give them space to fill in. The rock was added to contrast with the plants and add variety to the arrangement. Adding a rock can really change the way your succulent garden looks, but I highly recommend it! At the time I wasn't using top dressings on very many projects so the soil was bare.

To complete the fairy garden, I added the top dressing and then placed the bench and croquet set on top of the rocks. The croquet set wasn't very stable and kept falling over so I wrapped a piece of floral wire around the bottom and stuck that down into the soil. It worked out perfectly that the top dressing made it look like a path through the succulents. So, if you're planting succulents specifically for a fairy garden, try creating a curve that can be a path between the figures in the garden.

mini garden planterPin

Both my mom and I were really happy with how this turned out. It wasn't anything difficult or complex, but we felt like it made the arrangement a lot more fun. This pot is on their front porch so everyone who comes to the door can see it. Plus, isn't the miniature croquet set so cute?!

mini succulent croquet gardenPin

Last year we also planted a succulent garden around this fairy cottage (there are a lot of fun ones on Amazon and Etsy!) and bridge that my parents have beneath one of their pine trees. It wasn't hard to do but really enhanced the little vignette. Again, there were only two pieces in this miniature garden (although they were a bit more than the two for the container garden), but it looks great!

mini succulent garden cottagePin

If you've been wanting to try a miniature garden a try, you should! It really doesn't take much (although you can get quite elaborate) and it's so much fun! Like I said earlier, I'm planning on creating another fairy garden and have been shopping for fun pieces for it. You can see some of my favorites on my Etsy wishlist. I'd love to see miniature succulent gardens that you've created! Feel free to send me an email or tell me below about your experience.