You're likely aware that succulents are cute in anything, but these miniature succulent bird cages are to die for! Find out how to make your own!

I always love finding new containers to plant succulents in. I filled a large birdcage with succulents a while ago (I can't reveal it until December because it was part of a large project I'm working on). While it was fun, it was also a lot of work. While I was out shopping I came across these miniature birdcages and thought they would make a quick and fun succulent project so I got three!

I'm dying over these gorgeous little succulent filled bird cages! So cute!Pin

If you want to make your own miniature birdcages, here is what you'll need:

I found my bird cages at Michael's, but if you'd like to order online I found a set of two on Etsy that is similar. There are also these itty bitty bird cages that would be cute too! I haven't ordered from either of these shops but they get good reviews. Hobby Lobby also carries some small bird cages. If you're looking to make these for wedding decorations, Amazon has a set of 12 that is really cute.

Find out how to plant succulents in mini birdcages like this onePin

Look for something that opens up from the top so it's easy to put succulents in. It was also nice that the bars were far enough apart I could have the Calico Kitten succulent hang over the edge of the bird cage.


Start by soaking your sphagnum moss with water. Take a small handful and place it on the bottom of the birdcage. If you want to make sure it stays put, use some floral glue to adhere it to the birdcage. If your birdcage is fairly deep, you may want to create a deeper pile of moss and add your succulent soil to it. This will help the succulents last much longer without needing to be replanted.

Use sphagnum moss as a potting medium for succulents in a birdcagePin

Once the moss is in place, add your succulents!

Add succulents to a miniature birdcage for a decorationPin

I decided to add one more succulent to fill the bird cage more. Close the lid once you have them all arranged and you're done!

Fill a bird cage with succulents for a fun decorationPin

Here are the three that I created.

This little succulent filled bird cage is so cute!Pin

I love how these succulents look in this miniature bird cage!Pin

These succulents look adorable in this little birdcage!Pin

While I love how they look individually, the grouping is so much more fun! You can hang these out in the garden or use them as a centerpiece for a table. I used twine to hang these in my Aunt's garden. She has a gorgeous space full of plants and also loves birds and birdcages so I thought these would be a nice gift for her.

What a fun decoration! Succulents in little bird cagesPin

These succulents in little bird cages are adorable!Pin

I'm really happy with how these little guys turned out and they were super easy to make! So, if you're looking for a quick project that looks amazing, give these a try! Also, I'd love to know what you think. Feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email. Shares on Pinterest are always great too 😉