Create a Living Wreath with Succulents

Learn how to make your very own succulent wreath! With a pre-made form you can make this beautiful piece in just over an hour!

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After I posted photos of my succulent wreath a few weeks ago my sister in law said she wanted one. I was anxious to give it another try so I ordered more cuttings. I used another wreath form from Topiary Artworks. Their quality really is superb so I didn’t have to think twice about using them again.

This time around I decided to do a smaller wreath. I thought it would be nice for the wreath to not be quite so heavy. I ended up liking this size a lot better. The smaller wreath seems to feel more full which I prefer.

Making a succulent wreath doesn't have to take a long time! Learn how to make your own!

I approached the design of this wreath slightly differently. I decided to mix at least two varieties of cuttings in each section rather than have a solid section of just one type of succulent. I feel like this made the living wreath feel more unified and less blocky. In each section I picked two varieties that had some similarities but also provided some contrast to each other. For example, in the bottom right I have what I think are a variety of graptoveria which have a beautiful pink color. I mixed them with the Crassula perforata which has pink along the edges. Their shapes are very different but the pink in each helps them feel unified. Be sure to use greening pins if you are going to hang the wreath up right away!

Living Wreath with Succulents from

The String of Pearls were also used quite a bit this time around. I didn’t add quite as many as I did on the first succulent wreath because mixing the other cuttings seemed to unify everything better. For the “thriller” or focal point I used the large Fred Ives again and put these awesome Kalanchoe behind it for an accent and to create a larger focal point.

And just because they are pretty, here are some more detail shots of the living wreath.

Purple and Light Green Succulents in a Living Wreath Made with Succulents from

Pink and Orange Succulents in Living Wreath from

Living Succulent Wreath from

I did another video of the process of putting the cuttings in the wreath form. I thought it was fun to see the wreath progress. If you haven’t seen my full succulent wreath tutorial be sure to check it out!

In case you were wondering, my sister-in-law loved the wreath! She sent me a photo of it on her front door. I have to say, it looks pretty good!

Succulent Wreath on Front Door

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