Be inspired by this incredible garden filled with amazing succulents! You’ll see stunning specimens and a great variety of succulents throughout the garden.

Last summer I went down to California for the Succulent Celebration at Waterwise Botanical Gardens. While in California Debra Lee Baldwin invited me to a book launch party held at the garden of Jeanne Meadow.

This garden is seriously amazing! I felt like a little kid while walking around and taking pictures. There were so many different colors and varieties of succulents: I was in heaven!

You will love succulents even more after you see this incredible garden!

I was so flattered to be invited to the party and met a lot of great people and had a really good time. Below you’ll find a collection of images that show mostly designs and arrangements. Another post will have more detailed shots of individual plants.

The Entry

Aeonium Zwartkop at Jeanne Meadow's Garden -

Panorama of Jeanne Meadow's Pool Area -

Beautiful Pool at Jeanne Meadow's Garden -

Bench at Jeanne Meadow's Garden -

Sitting area at Jeanne Meadow's Garden -

Wood Bench in Jeanne Meadow's Garden -


I absolutely loved this potting shed! So many great pots as well as top dressings and other fun stuff. I love that one of the areas of the garden had little shells as top dressing.

Beautiful Potting Shed in Jeanne Meadow's Garden -

Potting supplies in Jeanne Meadow's Garden -

Shells as a top dressing in Jeanne Meadow's Garden -

There was also an outdoor potting area that was equally wonderful! Oh to have space and succulents!

Outdoor potting area in Jeanne Meadow's Garden -

Potting Bench in Jeanne Meadow's Garden -

Pottery and Succulents in Jeanne Meadow's Garden -

Senicio in a Pot in Jeanne Meadow's Garden -

Isn’t this creative? Using a broken pot around the base of a tree to make it look like the tree is potted.

Tree in a Pot in Jeanne Meadow's Garden -

In addition to amazing plant specimens in the ground, there were also so many unique ways of displaying the succulents. Definitely an inspiration!

Succulents in a Bicycle Jeanne Meadow's Garden -

Stacked Terra Cotta Pots with Succulents -

Succulent arrangements on shelves at Jeanne Meadow's Garden -

Fountain of Succulents in Jeanne Meadow's Garden -

These cute decoration adorned all of the tables at the party.

Succulent table decorations -

This garden was seriously amazing! Some day hopefully I’ll live somewhere where I can have a garden like this!