This heart shaped succulent planter makes a great mother’s day gift! It’s very unique but also affordable. Plus it’s fun and easy to put together!

Have you ever been browsing Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook and seen a gorgeous succulent arrangement, but then thought there was no way you could make one that attractive on your own?

That’s totally me!

Then, when Succulent Gardens approached me about trying out one of their redwood succulent planters I knew I’d hit a jackpot!

When I saw this heart shaped planter kit, I knew it would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea.

heart shaped succulent planter

Then again, it would be awesome just to make for yourself, or any other holiday too! And, after you see how easy it is to put together, you’ll love it even more!


The DIY kit comes with everything you need to complete the project:

  • Heart planter
  • Succulents
  • Moss
Click here to purchase the DIY Kit!

The plants they provide with the kit look great together so there’s no guesswork involved. Just put all the pieces together and you’ll have a masterpiece!

DIY redwood heart planter succulent kit from Succulent Gardens

A very affordable masterpiece I might add…


Keep scrolling down to get the instructions in text and photos. Or, watch the video below to see how I put together the triangle version of this planter:

Start by filling up the planter most of the way with moss. You’ll want to save some moss to put on the top. Also make sure to leave some room to put the succulents inside.

redwood heart planter filled with moss

Remove excess soil from the roots of the succulents. If the roots are tightly bound you’ll want to loosen them up. This will enable the roots to spread more easily. Find out more about why that’s essential here.

Succulents with most of the soil removed from the roots

Start placing the succulents in the planter. Nestle the roots into the moss to help hold the succulent in place.

adding succulents to a redwood heart planter box

After you have all your succulents in place, make sure you like the way they are arranged and how close they are to each other. You can also add a little soil back in if there’s a lot of empty space between plants.

succulents filling up a redwood heart planter

After you have the succulents situated, finish off the arrangement by adding moss in between the succulents. Be sure to cover up any visible roots or soil.

succulents and moss in a wood heart planter

The arrangement should lay flat for at least 4-6 weeks until the roots have had time to grow into the moss.

A wood heart shaped planter with succulents arranged inside

After a few weeks you can stand the arrangement up, hang it on a wall, or keep it flat. It’s up to you!

a beautiful redwood heart shaped planter filled with succulents

Caring for the Arrangement

You can care for this gorgeous new arrangement the same as other succulents you own. If you don’t own succulents yet, or these are your first, sign up for our free Succulents for Beginners course to learn the basics of succulent care.

The course will help you make succulent growing easy, fun and stress-free… the way it should be!