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Hello! I’ve been looking at all sorts of fantastic decorative succulent planters and would like to try making my own. I’m considering using polymer clay to make some of my own pots as I’ve worked with it before, it’s economical and I don’t need access to a specialist kiln (which I doubt I can ever get). Would this kind of material be appropriate to use provided the soil is well-draining enough? Thanks! 🙂

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What a fun idea! Making pots from polymer clay is a great way to personalize a gift, or add to your succulent collection.

When making your pot, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a high-quality polymer clay. There’s no need to add a sealant or a glaze to your pot after you make it, but if you want it to have a shine or a matte look, glazes are a great finish.

Polymer clay is water proof, so you’ll want to add a drainage hole to allow water to flow out of the pot. This will ensure your succulents will be happy in their personalized homes.

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