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Help! I have spider mites on a variety of gorgeous succulents. I’ve sprayed them with a soap solution and Pyrethrum mix. How often should I repeat the process?


Oh no! Spider mites are awful little pests. Luckily, you can control them just as you would mealybugs. You’ve already got a soap and organic pesticide regimen, but I would also suggest using alcohol.

Try spraying 70% isopropyl alcohol, straight out of the bottle, not mixed with any water, onto your plants. It may seem a little scary to spray your beloved succulents with alcohol, but the alcohol evaporates quickly enough that it won’t damage your plants.

The great thing about the alcohol method is you can spray it on every day without causing damage (more than the spider mites anyway…).

I’m not sure about the Pyrethrum and soapy water mix, but every few days seems like a good place to start.

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