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I have a Medusa Head plant given to me by a friend. It doesn’t seem to be growing, I’m barely keeping it alive.  Hers is beautiful!  What am I doing wrong?  Do I need to give it better soil and how to I water it?  I have it in a pot, most of the time in shade. Thanks!


This is such a fun plant! It’s important to keep Euphorbia ‘Medusa Head’ in well-draining soil, or it can suffer from root rot rather quickly. Do you have it in the original soil? You’ll want the soil particle size to be rather large so that it drains properly. You’ll also want to be sure that your planter has a drainage hole.

Medusa Head plants need more sun than shade. I would move your planter to an area where it has access to at least six hours of direct sunlight. You may want to do this gradually though – you don’t want it to burn from too much sun all at once.

When it comes to watering this fun beauty, it actually needs a surprising amount of water. Be sure that the soil is completely dry before watering it again, and then give it a good soak.

If you aren’t seeing growth though, it could be it’s not getting quite enough water. Try increasing your watering frequency slightly. If that doesn’t help, a fertilizer would also be a good option.

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