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Hi there. Thank you for your hard work on your succulent webpage and the weekly e-newsletter. I am enjoying the rewards of growing succulents, which my daughter introduced me to (she, too, is mad for them!).

I purchased this today at Lowe’s. As typical, there is no real information regarding the plant. It’s obviously a succulent or bromeliad of some type, but I’ve never seen one like it. The care says “indirect light” and I will probably water it by misting once a week.

Any information you can provide, such as name and any tips on care, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and have a “succulent” day!


This is a crested Euphorbia lactea ‘Cristata', and it is beautiful!

It's actually not just one plant, but a Euphorbia lactea grafted onto the stalk of a Euphorbia nerifolia.

To keep your succulent happy, be sure it is planted in well-draining soil. If you live in zone 10 or 11 in the US, you can grow it outside all year long. Otherwise, you'll need to bring it indoors in the winter.

This plant likes partial light; too much light too fast can cause it to burn. Outdoors it will prefer somewhere with bright shade most of the day. Indoors it will do best near the brightest window in your home.

Water your plant by using a watering can; misting it will not give the roots the moisture they need. Pour water at the stem of the plant, and continue until water drains out of the bottom of your planter. If you don't have a drainage hole in your pot, follow the directions in this post on how to water.

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