These Plants Are So Difficult To Grow They Might Kill You Trying To Keep Them Alive!

While it's normal to struggle to keep plants alive at times, there are specific varieties that are extra difficult. If you're ready to dedicate all your time and attention to keeping these plants alive, you just might be able to do it. But if you want to just go about life and not think to hard, most of the varieties in this list aren't for you.

Monstera deliciosa

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Monstera deliciosa, or Cheese Plant, is a tropical plant so it likes being in high humidity. Since most homes have fairly low humidity it's difficult to meet this need without running a humidifier constantly. While it likes a humid climate it's actually easy to over water and requires a well draining soil and a pot with a drainage hole. The combination of these things can make it a bit of a balancing act to keep it happy indoors.

Spiral Aloe

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This stunning succulent is on most succulent growers wish lists. But there's a reason it's rare. It takes several years for Aloe polyphylla to reach maturity and start to spiral. Getting it to that point requires a delicate touch. Just enough water to help it grow but not too much that it rots. It seems even talking about water near this plant can cause it to rot if the timing isn't right. As a temperamental slow grower this succulent is one that you won't see in many gardens.


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Orchids are a tropical plant, so unless you're growing them outside in a tropical climate, or you've turned your home into an indoor oasis, they'll be a challenge to keep happy. Orchids also require bright indirect light, a specific soil blend and a dialed in watering schedule. If you're determined to keep orchids in your home (who wouldn't, they're beautiful!) make sure you learn how to properly care for Orchids indoors so you can give them what they need.

Elephant's Ear Alocasia

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While Elephant's Ear is a really interesting plant, it needs a lot of water to stay healthy. If you tend to forget to water your plants or if you travel a lot, this plant won't grow well for you. This also isn't a plant that you can touch often as it can bruise very easily. If you have one of these plants, drooping leaves are a tell-tale sign it needs more water.


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At first glance Air Plants don't look real. This unique group of plants doesn't need soil or a pot. You can just set them on a shelf. However, this also makes them tricky to water. They can be quite temperamental and often it's hard to tell if they're getting too much or too little water. It's important to spend some time learning how to properly care for Air Plants before you add them to your indoor jungle.

Banana Plant

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This stunning green specimen, Banana Plant, is another tropical variety. While the idea of bringing tropical plants into your home is enticing, they will struggle to grow properly. For this reason it's highly unlikely that this plant will bear fruit if grown indoors. It needs a lot of bright indirect light as well as a specific watering schedule. This plant also requires certain nutrients that are difficult to provide in an indoor environment.

Miniature Roses

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An indoor rose garden sounds delightful, especially on a cold winter day. Sadly, miniature rose bushes are not a great option for growing indoors. They need a lot of humidity in order to thrive but their roots are also prone to rot. It's best to plant these in well draining soil to keep the roots happy. There also isn't enough light indoors to keep these plants looking their best. You'll find these plants are much easier to keep alive outside.


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Living Stones succulents are definitely a unique plant. They can also be quite tempermental and difficult to care for. While most plants in this list are hard to grow because of high water needs, Lithops are one of the few plants that thrive on neglect. It's difficult to know how much water is enough to keep them alive without rotting the roots. You'll likely go several months without watering these plants, and even that can be too frequent at times.

Senecio rowleyanus

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String of Pearls is a fairly common plant at most big box stores and even smaller nurseries, but that doesn't mean it's easy to grow. There's a fine line between too much and just enough water for this trailing plant. Many new succulent growers add this to their collection but quickly find they can't quite figure out how to make it happy.

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This article originally appeared on Succulents and Sunshine.