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It’s so exciting when you get your first few (or your 99th and 100th) succulents and bring them home. But then start to worry about how to take care of them. Growing succulents indoors can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what the proper soil, sunlight and watering requirements are.

Lucky you!

For just $8.99, Growing Succulents Indoors the eBook will ease all your worries by giving you what you need to know! You’ll find step-by-step instructions with tons of gorgeous photos to help you along your way. 

You won’t have to worry about losing any succulents with this guide. This easy read, photo filled eBook will help you with every step of keeping your indoor succulents healthy and beautiful. Don’t wait! Find out now how to keep your gorgeous plants alive!

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Does this sound like you? You have some beautiful succulents in your collection but you’d really like more. The thing is, you don’t want to spend more money.

Great news! You don’t have to!

Succulents can be propagated (or multiplied) quite easily! Some succulents can propagate from a loose leaf and most can propagate from cutting off the top and replanting.

So, if more succulents for free sounds good to you, for just $8.99 Propagating Succulents the eBook will be perfect for you. Jump right in so you can start multiplying your succulent collection. I will warn you… it’s really addicting. Before you know it you’ll have tons of succulents!

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