How to Create a Succulent Arrangement in a Wooden Box

While I was at the dollar store last week, I bought some Spanish moss, which I used for my cupcake stand project. I also found this cute wooden box and decided it would be fun to use for arranging succulents too. The moss gave it a little bit of interest and also helped stabilize the cuttings and keep them in place. I again applied the idea of thriller, filler, spiller.

See how you can make this succulent arrangement in a wooden box

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own wooden box arrangement:

To start, I filled the bottom with a little bit of succulent soil and then covered it with the Spanish moss. I used the portulacaria branches in the back to give it some height and interest (thriller). Then I used the tiger jaws as the filler. I absolutely love this variety! The dark purples and pinks are really pretty and I think they compliment the Crassula nicely. I also used some burros tail and jade as filler. I liked the shape of these in contrast with everything else. The soft blue green color played nicely into the arrangement and the red and green helped unify everything.

Learn how you can make your own succulent arrangement like this!

As you may have noticed, I again used the string of pearls as my spiller. I love the look the string of pearls creates. I really want to find another succulent that has a similar look. Do any of you know of one? I’m afraid I’m going to use it in just about everything now, since I’ve used it in my succulent wreath and the cupcake stand project, but I would love to switch things up.  So, if you know of anything please share!

I’m thinking I’ll put this little box on my mantle which has been in desperate need of some decoration. I’m not really sure how long it will last, but my current plan is to water it just a little bit weekly (since it doesn’t have drainage) and make sure it gets plenty of sun. Most of the cuttings didn’t have roots yet so I think I can definitely leave it for a little while. I’m wondering if the box will hold up ok with the weekly watering. I’m guessing it will be fine though.

27 Responses to How to Create a Succulent Arrangement in a Wooden Box

  1. hello! funny coincidence how i had been looking through your blog for the past couple weeks when learning how to propagate succulents and then you found me on instagram. thanks for all the tips btw! you have a lovely blog

  2. Ah that is so beautiful! I’ve just found your blog through blooming blogs and I love succulents! I’ll be following your blog from now on! :)

  3. I love your beautiful blog! I’m another succulent lover (but not very knowledgeable I’m afraid). I mentioned your propagation techniques on my blog today. Thanks for all the info!

    • Thank you so much! I love hearing from other succulent lovers. I really appreciate you linking to my site. I love your style! I’ll be sure to keep stopping by :)

  4. Hi Cassidy!

    I love this succulent garden! Could you tell me what kind of succulent that diamond shaped one is in the front of the wooden box? I have been searching everywhere in Seattle thinking it was called ‘starfish’, but a Pinterest post seems to have told me the wrong name. That, and I’m pretty sure it’s not available in my area.

    Thank you! Keep up the great blog, it’s wonderful!

    • Thanks for stopping by! The two varieties in the front are (left) Faucaria tigrina and (right) Sedum burrito giant. You will likely have to go online or to a specialty nursery to find the Faucaria tigrina. The only place locally I’ve seen them is in a store called Cactus and Tropicals. I got these from as part of my cuttings.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful post and information about succulents. I am just starting to garden and it is so cold here in New Jersey…indoor succulents seem to be a wonderful way to bring color into our home. Really appreciate all of the info. Can’t wait to get to the garden store!!

    • After a couple months (probably 2) it actually started to get a little moldy and the box started to look pretty bad. I would line the box with plastic sheeting and add a drainage hole if you want it to last very long. Or just leave the plants without water and let it just live it’s course.

  6. I have dabbled with succulents and cacti over the past couple of years, with some success. we are now experiencing a dreadful drought in South Africa. I have suddenly realised that I must expand my little hobby into turning my poor garden into a succulent paradise.
    Thanks for all the amazing photos and ideas… I put cuttings in bottles in my windowsills, once they shoot out roots, they go back into the garden.

  7. Very beautiful and creative idea. How do you think those particular plants/succulents would work, if I were to hang it on the house? There’s sun from early morning, until 3 or 4PM in our backyard, here in North Carolina.

  8. This is a stunning box. I love your blog and appreciate all the beautiful pictures too. I want to make one but my box does not have any lips. What would you do differently to keep the whole thing from falling out then? Would you hot glue the moss down or anything? Thanks in advance!

  9. Hi! I love this idea! I just bought a wooden box to plant my succulents in and am thinking about lining it with a sheet of plastic and then drilling drainage holes into the plastic and wooden box. What are your thoughts on this idea!?
    Thank you!! :)

    • Yes, I think that’s a great idea. This one ended up rotting after a month or two, so long term I think lining it and adding drainage is a great idea!

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