Dolly’s Coconut Succulent Birthday Gift

In honor of today being my sister-in-law’s birthday I though I’d post some photos of what I gave her as well as a container idea for your window well garden. I’m not great at giving gifts so I don’t usually give birthday gifts unless I can come up with something I know they will really love. This was one of those times. Have you ever had the fruit sorbets from Costco? If not, go get some. They are wonderful! Well, the sorbets are served in an actual fruit. The coconut is always the first to go at our house. It’s not my personal favorite, although it is good, but everyone else races to get them before they’re gone. So, when Kevin recently finished one he asked me if I wanted the coconut shell. Initially I said, “No, but we can save it for Dolly.” Then the brilliant idea hit me! I could use it to plant a succulent and give it to dolly for her birthday! So that is exactly what I did! I know Dolly really likes plants, and she was very excited when I got my first succulents, so I thought I’d give her a cutting that she could grow. Here is what I did along with pictures of the finished product:

You’ll need a drill and the coconut shells.

Start drilling the holes.

I figured 3 holes would be enough for it to drain well.

Plant your succulent! I didn’t have any succulent dirt left so I put some rocks on the bottom and used normal soil. I’m planning to replace the soil later.

Thanks to Dolly for inspiring this upcycling of a coconut shell!

I also included a few other leaf starts so she can have more in a few weeks. I have a few more recycled/upcycled items that I’ll be showing you in the next few weeks. I’ve decided that I am not going to buy any more pots. That means I’ll be using lots of things from around the house to start planting my new succulents!

Let us know what you think!

I'm Cassidy, a professional photographer turned succulent addict and the author and photographer here at Succulents and Sunshine. This is me with my wonderful husband and super cute baby!

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