Birdcage Planter

In a previous post I mentioned that my window well garden was finished. I also mentioned that it would probably still be changing. Well, it changed :) I didn’t like that the birdcage blocked the view of the plants inside so I tried to find a way to change that. Ultimately, I decided to cut off the back (the front had too many cute doors to cut off). So, using my grandma’s skil saw I took it off! Here is what it looked like before and after. The photos aren’t great because we were in the bright sun and Kevin was kind enough to help me so I didn’t want to take too long :)

Once I had the back cut off I thought it would be cute to have plants hanging from the birdcage. So I took some long zip ties and added my tin cans to the sides of the birdcage and hung my cute little pots from the top. It adds a little more variety and I can now see (and water) the plants inside the birdcage better.

Let us know what you think!

I'm Cassidy, a professional photographer turned succulent addict and the author and photographer here at Succulents and Sunshine. This is me with my wonderful husband and super cute baby!

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