Find Out Which Succulents Will Grow Best For You!

A colorful guide and resource for choosing succulents that will work in your growing environment and for your care style

While all succulents are amazing and beautiful, not all of them will grow where you live or where you’re growing them.

Wondering which succulents will thrive in your environment?

This guide includes tips for choosing the best succulents for where you live, how much you like to water (or not) and how much light is available.

The best part though… it has detailed information about over 75 succulents and also groups them by where they’ll grow best.

Do you tend to forget about your succulents?

There’s a group of succulents that are perfect for you!

Prefer to water and care for them constantly?

I’ll show you which succulents like more water than most!

This guide is a great reference for purchasing new succulents or figuring out why the succulents you’re growing aren’t doing well.

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What you'll get in this guide:

  • A detailed overview of traits to look for to ensure a succulent will survive in your climate

  • Photos of over 75 individual succulents and specific care information for them

  • Groupings of succulents that like the same amount of sunlight, water and more!

This guide is all digital, but you can print off the pages and take them with you the next time you go succulent shopping! Or simply have it open on your computer the next time you’re shopping online.

What you'll get in this guide:

Grab this guide and make sure you’re growing the succulents that work best for you!

*Please note: This is a digital product sent via email