Wire Planter Filled with Succulents

My latest project, putting together this succulent planter, was a big one to tackle, but really fun to work on! This is also something a little different than what I’ve done before so that also made it more interesting.

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A few weeks ago I went to Fleattitude, a vintage market held from time to time near my house. The last time we went I felt very inspired but didn’t end up buying anything. This time though, I found the perfect thing for me, this white wire planter. Isn’t it beautiful?!

Beautiful Wire Planter - Succulents and Sunshine

I knew immediately that it was going to be filled with succulents. Over the weeks that followed I slowly made progress on designing what I was going to do and actually planting it. This is probably one of the most expensive projects I’ve done. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out but I also think there is room for improvement. I’ll talk about that a little later. For now, let me tell you what I did!

What better way to show off your stunning succulents than in a wire planter

I started out by purchasing 2 cocount liners. The width of the planter was a couple inches longer than anything I found, so I bought two liners and pieced them together. Overall that worked out really well. In the end you can’t even tell. I attached the liners to the planter using wire and looping it around one of the wires then securing it on the inside (so the wires didn’t show very much).

Attach the coconut liner to the planter - Succulents and Sunshine

White Wire Planter with Coconut Liner - Succulents and Sunshine

After the liner was in, I decided I wanted to use the cuttings I had leftover from my succulent centerpieces and succulent topiary ball and cover the front of the planter. I didn’t go all the way around for two reasons: I didn’t have that many cuttings and the planter will likely only be viewed from one side. To attach the cuttings, I used scissors to poke a hole in the coconut liner (like I did with the topiary and wreath). I had to make sure the hole was big enough for the cutting otherwise I had a really hard time getting the stems through. This was probably the hardest part. The coconut liner wasn’t as soft and pliable as the wreath form so having a large hole really made a difference. Once the cutting was in the hole, I took a small piece of wire and inserted it into the cutting perpendicular to the stem, as close to the liner as possible. This prevented the cuttings from falling out (a very crucial step).

Use scissors to poke a hole in the coconut liner for the succulent to go through - Succulents and Sunshine

Start adding succulents to the coconut liner at the bottom and work your way up - Succulents and Sunshine

When the cuttings were all in I felt really good about the project and felt like I could have stopped there. It really looked like a piece of art! Just like with the topiary ball, I tried not to place two of the same succulent varieties next to each other. I wanted it to look really mixed and varied.

White wire planter with succulents planted on the front - Succulents and Sunshine

Succulent cuttings on white wire planter - Succulents and Sunshine

Detail of succulents planted on the front of a wire planter - Succulents and Sunshine

The next step in the process was actually filling the planter. I filled the planted up with my usual well draining soil and then added in some larger plants. I didn’t have very many large plants to use for the planter so I ended up going shopping. At this time of year it’s really hard to find colorful succulents that are in very good shape, at least locally in Utah. I found a couple, but not quite what I was hoping for. I know I could have ordered online but I was a little too anxious and I didn’t want to spend very much more than I already had. Nonetheless, I think the finished product was pretty impressive! For the planter itself I tried to place contrasting plants next to each other, whether they contrasted in color, shape or texture. It took a lot of plants to fill it! Once I had the big plants in, I filled in with some smaller plants and even put some cuttings in the small holes.

White wire planter filled with succulents - Succulents and Sunshine Narrow

Detail of succulents in a wire planter - Succulents and Sunshine

I’d love your feedback! What do you think of the cuttings across the front? What do you think about the arrangement of plants in the top of the planter? Does the whole thing work together? I’m open to any feedback you have, whether praise or suggestions. Call me crazy, but one of my favorite parts of school was my photo critiques. I loved hearing what other people thought I should change. I think it’s really fun :)

40 Responses to Wire Planter Filled with Succulents

  1. Beautiful!!! I love your blog. I look forward to seeing your new projects. Your instructions are very easy to follow. Thank you.

  2. I’ve recently gotten into succulents, and I stumbled across your site in my search for more information on all things succulent. I’ve been reading all day and I still have a page or two to go, but I’m hooked! I was given a hens-and-chicks type plant (don’t know enough to know exactly what it is though) by a co-worker and got bit by the grow-things-bug. I rescued some sad plants from Wal-mart and they’re my project right now. I’m hoping I can save them. But your site has already been invaluable to a succulent newbie. Thank you and I look forward to reading more!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful. I liked the idea of adding some plants at the bottom, which might add to the overall balance, but it’s amazing just as it is. I’m a newbie to succulents and have been having troubles, but I’m determined to continue until I get the hang of it. I’m either over or under watering I think, (can’t tell which exactly) and my plants just will not thrive. I keep placing them in different locations in my house – sunnier, less sunny, etc. – but they are having a tuff time of it. Poor babies….I love them and I’m trying to keep them alive and thriving, but I might need your book. I’ve read your entire website and I think I’m following directions but, well…not a master yet. Wish I had your knack but with time…I’m hoping to get better at this succulent game. I just love them all! I love everything you’ve shared on this website and want to create each one! This one is gorgeous. You have a definite winner there!!!

    • I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it! It can be a trick to figure out what the plants like. Even with some of my pots, some of the plants in the pot are really struggling while others are thriving. They all just need the right thing for them it seems. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  4. I like how the top is ever so slightly asymetrical with the senecio(?) and elephant’s food trailing on the left. It looks so feminine with all the flower shapes and the nouveau style of the planter itself. I think the cuttings will look even better when they root and stand up a bit. Please post pics as it fills in. I am curious how it will look once it grows.

    I agree with the other comments. It needs just a little something on the bottom for balance. Otherwise, totally inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

  5. WOW!!! Cassie, that is beautiful!

    And this is why I “hate” reading about your new projects… I just want to go out and try to do it myself! Of course, I can’t wait to see what you are writing about next and check my e-mail for updates constantly, obsessively! LOL!

    I had read somewhere that white (planters, pots, etc.) is not a good combination for succulents and other colors would bring out the colors/forms/shapes of the succulents much better than white. Clearly that is an incorrect statement. Your planter is absolutely gorgeous! And the white plays off the delicate colors of the succulents while still having the fun curves on the metal. It is a perfect match! The whole piece looks like one cohesive work of art. It is so pretty.

  6. Where do you keep this wire planter? Is it on a patio or in the garden? I have a wrought iron tall planter that I want to use for the same idea. It is 3 legged and about 4′ h x1.5′ w. I live in San Diego. Love your web site

  7. Hello, beautiful your work I’d try to do something with succulent and semprevivo be kept outside the house but I live in northern Italy and winter is rather hard you think you can put a roof over? Here live only semprevivum but no cacti … thanks

  8. Love your site! Thank you for such detailed instructions! I’m about to start my first coco basket round planter! I’m sure I’ll have tons of questions as I get started but my first one is about how to anchor the cuttings in the basket, you stuck a piece of wire THROUGH the succulent stem?

Let us know what you think!

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