Weird Succulents You Likely Haven't Seen Before

Most people think of succulents as beautiful rosettes with thick colorful leaves. But not all succulents are beautiful. While many think these succulents are cool, others won't consider buying them.

Also called "Living Stones", Lithops are often a prized collector plant as they come in a variety of colors and shapes. They rarely need to be watered making them very low maintenance.


This succulent was shared by pottist Brian Morgan who has a knack for finding unusual specimens and pairing them with his unique pots. 

Euphorbia ornithopus 

Ceramic artist Keith Kitoi Taylor shared this unusual specimen planted in a beautiful handmade pot that resembles rocky terrain. Avonia quinaria is a caudiciform succulent with unusual silvery green stems.

Avonia quinaria

While many of the succulents in this list are bumpy and rough, "Baby Toes" are smooth and have a translucent window on the top of each tube. These can form tight clusters and stay compact when given plenty of light.

Baby Toes

Another stunning pot and plant specimen from Keith Taylor, this wild thing is nicknamed Agave Cactus. The fiery red pot perfectly accentuates the hint of red on the tubercles.

Leuchtenbergia principis

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