Mini Succulent Garden Ideas

You'll love these clever ideas for creating a mini succulent garden! Even if you don't have much space, you'll definitely be able to fit these succulents in your home.

Other items you may want to have on hand are: – Tweezer – Chopstick – Small paint brush – Mini garden tool kit – Top dressings – Coconut coir or succulent soil

You can really use just about any glue to adhere your succulents and moss to the planter you are using. However, after trying a variety of glues, I found that Oasis Floral Adhesive is far and away the easiest option to work with and keeps the succulents most secure. 

Using floral glue

The great thing about the Oasis glue is it dries fairly quickly. You have enough time to put the glue on your planter/succulent/moss and set your items in place. But, it stiffens up quickly enough that you don't have to hold your succulents in one spot for more than a few seconds. It's really great! 

To start, squeeze floral glue on any areas you want the sphagnum moss to stick to. Next, you'll place the moss on the glue. Once the moss is in place, just add succulents. You can purchase the tiny varieties of succulent

Assembling your project

Tap the link below for more mini succulent garden ideas.