The Worst Gardening Mistakes That Beginners Make Regularly

Gardening is a lot of fun but can also be quite overwhelming if you're just starting.  Naturally, new gardeners often learn from what they see more experienced growers doing, which can sometimes lead to problems.

Not all plants need the same amount of water. This can make it very tricky to know how frequently to water your garden. It's important to learn common signs of over and under watering for plants in your garden.

Over Watering

Just like over watering can cause problems, giving your plant too little water is another common mistake new growers make. Plants that need water on a regular basis will often struggle with slightly too long between watering.

Under Watering

Fertilizing is a great way to give plants that extra boost but it's easy to overdo it. Commercially available fertilizers are often quite potent and need to be diluted before using.

Over Fertilizing

It can be tempting to grow all plants in the ground and let them spread out and fill in empty spaces. However, with certain plants that are invasive, this becomes problematic. 

Not Potting Invasive Plants

Many novice gardeners start plants from seeds. Once plants get larger than seedlings, beginners may not realize they need to thin out the plants to allow room for them to fully develop. 


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