Why Succulents Are The Best Mother's Day Flowers

Succulents are a popular gift for holidays and special occasions, and it's no surprise. Keep reading to our top reasons to gift succulents this year. 

Often, cut floral arrangements will cost anywhere from $30 - $100, especially if you're buying them for popular holidays.  A succulent arrangement will cost the same, but can be even less if you create one yourself. However, there are many very affordable pre-made arrangements.

Similar Price

This arrangement got hardly andy light and didn't receive any water for almost two months! It still looks great and will continue to look good for weeks without care.

They Last Longer

While people expect cut flower arrangements to die, they somehow feel obligated to keep a succulent arrangement alive. Just like cut flowers, it's ok if your succulent arrangement dies. Plus, it will last much longer than cut flowers before doing so.

It's ok if it dies

Unlike cut flowers, a succulent arrangement can last for years if you do care for it. This makes it a gift that keeps on giving and will remind the recipient of you for years to come.

You can keep it alive too

Tap the link below for more succulent arrangement ideas. 

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