Use Pot Feet for Succulent Container Gardens

If you haven't heard about pot feet, they just might be the best thing you can add to your succulent container gardens. Find out why they are so beneficial!

Pot feet serve two major purposes: 1) They prevent your pot from staining the surface underneath them. 2) Allow for air flow under the container which allows the soil to dry out completely between watering. 

Without pot feet there isn't space under the pot to allow the water to drain out more quickly. The air flow under the pot also helps the soil to dry out better. 

I decided I needed to add pot feet under my pots of succulents. Here are the types I tried:  – Plantstand Pot Toes – Pot Risers Invisible Pot Feet – Cast Iron Plant Trolley

The great thing about the plant trolley (also called a dolly or caddy) is it allows you to move the pot easily without lifting. I decided to place this one under a larger shallow pot I have. 

I like the stability of the Pot Toes, but they show quite a bit. I bought two colors and decided I liked the light grey because they blended in with the concrete better. 

Tap the link below to learn more about Pot Feet for Succulent Container Gardens.