A Guide for Buying Succulents That Are Right For You!

Not sure where to start when buying a succulent? I’ve done the hard work for you. Follow my advice and you’ll be confidently buying succulents in no time!

You can buy them at a variety of stores depending on where you live. A few places I’ve been able to find succulents locally are: – Home Depot – Lowe – Walmart – Local nurserie – Farmer’s Market

Buying Local

One great thing about buying online is the access to a wider variety of succulents.  There are also better specimens, because sellers are experts.  You also get the plants delivered to your door – you don’t have to go out to go shopping! 

Buying Online

Here are my favorite places to purchase succulents online: – Mountain Crest Gardens (my personal, go-to source) – Leaf and Clay – The Succulent Source – Looking Sharp Cactus – Etsy shops

Where to buy online

Once you’ve purchased your succulents, it’s a good idea to replant them as soon as possible.  A lot of times the soil succulents are planted in is not ideal for long-term growth. 


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