Common Vegetables That Are Too Difficult To Grow

Growing your own vegetables is a great way to have fresh produce. But some vegetables are easier to grow than others.  Avoid growing difficult varieties if you're just starting out. The effort may not be worth the reward in the end.

This delicious summer vegetable is rich in vitamin C as well as antioxidants which help boost your immune system and can help protect against heart disease. However, sweet corn is very prone to pests which will eat or damage a lot of the plant. 

Sweet Corn

Eggplant likes to grow in a goldilocks climate -- not too hot, not too cold. If maintaining the temperature weren't tricky enough, Eggplant is also prone to pest infestations so make sure you keep a food-safe pesticide on hand. 


They require an extended period of warm weather and are also a treat for a variety of pests. Pumpkins have a shallow root system so you'll need to weed the area frequently as they will compete with the weeds for the nutrients they need. 


Even a slightly imperfect climate can cause problems for celery plants. It needs frequent watering, can't handle high heat, and needs to access plenty of nutrients in the soil to grow properly. 


It's often difficult to distinguish asparagus from weeds in the early days, but if you don't get the weeds out they'll compete with the asparagus for nutrients. This makes it tricky to get started and keep healthy. 


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