Pet Friendly Succulents for Your Home

Succulents are a great option for pet-parents as they're low maintenance.  While some varieties can be toxic to pets, this list includes a number of succulents that are perfectly safe to have around your pets.  

Adromischus cristatus, or "Crinkle Leaf Plant," is another fun option that is safe to keep around your furry friends. This plant is fragile, so a friendly paw may cause leaves to fall off. But if your pet decides to take a bite, they're not in danger.  


Portulacaria afra, or Elephant Bush, is a great option to grow around pets. It grows easily and will bounce back quickly if your pet decides to take a nibble. 

Elephant Bush

Plants named after animals are always fun, and String of Turtles is no exception. Plus, it's safe for cats and dogs to be around so they can enjoy this unique specimen with you. 

String of Turtles

Many of these get the nick name Tiger Jaws, but the teeth on the edge of these leaves are quite soft and not dangerous. Your pet will be safe from harm around this plant.

Faucaria Varieties

Sempervivum are pet-safe and snow safe! They'll come back year after year producing new "chicks" of their own and continuing to show off intense red, purple, and green colors.


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